6 reasons why undergrads in S’pore should go for overseas exchange

Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 4:28 pm

One of the perks of getting a place in one of our four local universities is that you have the chance to go for the Global Immersion Programme, which is just another fancy name for an overseas exchange opportunity. Not only do you get to study in a country of your choice, you get to select courses offered by that university that you might not have the chance to do locally.

Well…yeah right. Everyone knows that you don’t go for an overseas exchange to study. Here are six reasons why you shouldn’t be a stick in the mud and grab this chance if you can.

Authentic experience
Usually, you’ll be staying at the school hostel or, if you’re going to a less popular university, staying at the home of another student. This is a great time to experience true life outside of Singapore, which is something that unfortunately, many Singaporeans don’t get to experience during tours and holidays.

Time off studies
You’ll be taking modules that are supposed to be the equivalent to those you would have taken back in Singapore, but they’re probably not worth that many credit points; you would have stayed in Singapore to mug if you wanted that perfect GPA anyway. Enjoy your long holiday!

Cheap booze
Try to go for an exchange at universities in Europe, where beer is at least five times cheaper; which means it is probably cheaper than plain water. You now have an excuse to drink to your heart’s content.

The chicks
If you fortunately get the chance to go for an exchange in Scandinavia, you’re going to be surrounded by gorgeous Scandinavian ladies, because their forefathers the Vikings took all the best people from around Europe. Keep the saliva and blood in, gentlemen.

The fun
There are plenty of things that you cannot do in Singapore that you can now do…like trying that space cake in Holland. Just try to do it in a relatively safe place without getting yourself on the newspapers.

The freedom
For the first time in your life, you’ll feel that you seriously are able to do, try and experience things without having to worry about anything at the back of your mind. It is the perfect chance to escape your parents, the stifling environment and never-ending chase for results back home.