6 sales that take place in S’pore every year you cannot miss or you’re not a S’porean


We know that now is the Great Singapore Sales period – but what other sales might we have missed? You will be proud to call yourself a true blue Singaporean upon knowing these common sales that happen in Singapore.

Royal Sporting House Factory Sale
Held at Macpherson this year, Royal Sporting House presents sales off mostly branded sports shoes, sports attire and sports equipment. In some of their events, SAFRA members get an early advantage with a 1-day early access. In addition, there will be a further 5% off for these members. For the rest of public members, don’t fret, as items will have discounts of up to 80% off!

Popular Book Fair at Expo
This year, Popular had its grand expo fair titled “Popular Un.Un.Un.Unbelievable Sale” and indeed, for school goers and avid book readers, many items were just going at $10. For Popular members, they are able to enjoy a closed door sale and they can bring up to 3 friends. Catch their 60% sale, and buy 2 get one free and buy 3 get 2 free deals!

My Home Grand Furniture and Reno Expo Sale
My Home Grand Furniture & Reno Expo features a wide collection of furniture and furnishings, interior decoration ideas and the latest home trends. Expo goers can expect many sofas sets, mattresses that can suit whatever that is lacking right now at home. Be sure to catch new brands that hail from UK, US, Korea and many other countries!

MPH Book Sales
And of course, for book lovers, be sure to catch MPH Book sales that happen annually at EXPO. You can expect thousands of book selection going at up to 80% sales! Yours truly have been to one of their expo sales and bought 8 books for $40 – you can do the math to find roughly the price of a book during this season of sale.

Baby EXPO fair
Another type of expo sales that tailor to a specific group of couples is the Baby Expo fair. This kind of fair comes under different names, but it is all the same for new and expectant parents. With a wide variety of products and services under one roof, young couples are sure to be assured of quality and quantity of selection of more than 500 products from more than 400 brands. In addition to their sales, experts such as doctors and specialists from trusted institutions may conduct educational talks to help ease new parents into parenthood.

Expo IT fair

EXPO IT fair presents various products for you to consider and purchase for your home. Have an old working equipment? Be sure to bring it to trade in for up to $500 shopping voucher! New homeowners also get a $500 shopping voucher upon presenting a proof of your new home.


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