6 Shops in S’pore That Still Sell $2 Items & Japan Stuffs Today & It’s Not Daiso

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Wait a goddamn minute.

You can still find shops selling $2 stuff besides Daiso? And not just any kind of stuff, it includes Japan stuffs.

When my very fat boss told me to write this article, I thought he was simply crazy.

Well, crazier than usual, I mean.

But not only there are such shops hidden within Singapore, one of them just opened here in Dec 2017.

I’m sorry, boss, please don’t fire me.

Here are 6 shops in Singapore that still sell $2 items and Japan stuffs (or less), and they’re not Daiso.

1. ValuDollar

Image: shopsinsg.com


I believe this shop needs no introduction. After all, they’re everywhere.

From shampoo to chocolate from the US and everything in between, you can spend hours shopping inside.

Just take note that most of their shops have very little walking space so try and go during off-peak period, yeah?

Fun fact: The ValuDollar at Sembawang Shopping Centre is rumoured to be the cheapest among all ValuDollar stores in Singapore.

Even more fun fact: Sembawang Shopping Centre is not beside Sembawang MRT Station (that’s Sun Plaza).

Location: Too many stores.

2. Mijyi

Image: service.nestia.com

If you’re looking to while your hours away searching for cheap steals, Mijyi might just be the right place for you.

Featuring cheap imported items from Japan, their stores are large and confusing, perfect for you to get lost in the hunt for deals.


They also import items from countries like Korea, Taiwan, USA among many others and are of pretty good quality.

5 Stadium Walk, #02-02 Leisure Park Kallang, Singapore 397693

3. 2WO

Image: 2wo.com.sg

We’ve written about this $2 Japanese store back in 2017, and they’ve since shifted their premises.

In Apr 2017, 2WO only had one store located at Star Vista.

Currently, their sole outlet is located at Liang Court.

Expect to find Japan stuff like what you’d see at Daiso for this shop. But if you’re a Daiso-fan, this could be the next store for you.


Liang Court at #B1-07 
177 River Valley Road, Singapore 179030

5. $2 Nomi Japan


Remember when I wrote in the introduction that there’s a store that just joined the ranks of discount stores in Singapore?

This is the one.

$2 Nomi Japan has over 15,000 different Japanese stuffs from Japanese food, stationery, health and beauty products to home appliances.

And everything goes for just $2.


Working exclusively with a Japanese wholesaler, you can expect to find stuff like armpit sweat pads (??) and poached egg pods (???).

Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, #02-219A, Singapore 039594

NorthPoint City
NorthPoint City South Wing, #B1-106, Singapore 769098

JEM Shopping Mall:
Jurong Gateway Road, #02-1150, Singapore 608549

6. OneDollarOnly

Image: onedollaronly.com.sgUnlike the other stores mentioned in this article, this OneDollarOnly store is unique. In the sense that it doesn’t have a physical shop.


They sell knick-knacks from notebooks, stationery, nylon bags and party stuff.

While it’s called the $1 store, not everything is priced at a buck, but still pretty cheap.

Just take note that some of their stuff has to be ordered in bulk.

You can check them out here.

Featured Image: service.nestia.com + shopinsg.com


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