6 Signs that a Phone is Hacked or Being Infected with a Malware / Virus


Last Updated on 2023-03-25 , 6:09 pm

Anyone who has got a smartphone cannot remove himself from the ultimate fear – someday, it might get infected with a virus or on the same scare of horrible, get hacked.

How would you know, if ever, whether your phone’s been attacked? Now, before you think that no one would hack you because you’re too unimportant, think again: hackers might not hack you for your personal details, but they would use your phone (and data) to create havoc on others.

So the threat is real.

Here are 6 things you should always keep a lookout for.

Your Phone Battery’s Draining Out Pretty Fast
If there’s a foreign app working within your phone, this is the first probably sign you’d notice. Of course it could be wear and tear, but well, if it’s a new phone, it’s time to re-look at your phone.

Your Phone Restarts By Itself
Something very odd happens that you know is just not right – your phone could either go off (not explode ya, but just switch off!) on its own, start apps by itself or even dial out random numbers. If this is not a breakdown, you’re phone is definitely being tapped into.

Check Your Call Lists
If you’ve got a couple of odd numbers on your outgoing or incoming call list, your phone has been hacked or poisoned, for sure!

Echoes or Noise When You Make a Call
You’re at your regular joint having a cup of coffee, and while you’re there, you make that daily call to your buddy. Only thing is, though, that when the call kicks in, you hear weird ass noises or echoes in the background of your conversation. It’s definitely fishy, and a sure-fire sign that your phone has been under attack.

Your Phone Gets “Fever”
Even when you’re not using it, you notice that your phone’s warming up. It could be that you’re having a hardware issue, but if you take it to the shop and they say there’s nothing wrong with it, you know that you’re smartphone’s been compromised.

Cannot Turn It Off At All
Whenever you try to power your phone off, it just doesn’t follow orders. Instead, it’s running other things – heightened lighting, opening a series of apps and other crazy stuff.

So, what could be happening to your phone?

You could have either ended up as a victim or SMS (nowadays, it’s more of WhatsApp) phishing – when you get a text and open a link that comes with it.

Another way to get attacked is by using an unprotected Wi-Fi network.

And it doesn’t end there. Charge your phone with a cable that’s unknown (USB – in a car or airplane for example), and you’re exposing yourself to the risk of revealing and transferring your phone’s data.

Hackers even have their own signalling system, called the Signalling System SS7, which pretty much gives them the availability to read your messages, track your location (based on your phone) and even listen in on your phone calls.


Always run through your phone to see if there’s been any unknown apps downloaded to it, especially ones with these names – Spyera, Spyzie and Theonespy.

It’s always good to be safe, than sorry later. There’s a million things that can happen to you and your data if a hacker get access to it. A virus? You won’t even know what hit you!

The best ways to counter any virus or hackers are actually quite simple:

  1. ALWAYS update your phone OS to the latest version
  2. Download an anti-virus app and have it run in the background to protect you
  3. NEVER tap on any suspicious links. NEVER.

With our phone being part of our brain, make sure your phone is never compromised!