6 Simple Tips to Prevent Nicking or Cutting Your Skin When You Shave


Last Updated on 2020-12-18 , 5:21 pm

There’s always a part of me that has this fear whenever I shave. It’s like a ticking time bomb, where I’m just waiting to feel that sharp pain that’ll make me go, ‘I knew that was going to happen.’

Getting nicked when you shave is just like getting a paper cut – it’s small but extremely vicious.

So, how can you prevent getting nicked? Here are six simple tips so you won’t be crying every morning.

1. Make sure to have a sharp razor

You’d think that using a blunt razor would mean a lower chance of getting nicked, right? You’re wrong. Using a blunt razor essentially means you’ll be using more force to shave those little annoying hair that doesn’t seem to come off, and most of the time, the force exerted will result in an annoying cut.

2. Invest in a quality shaving cream

And we’re not saying the one you take home from the hotels. No, save that for solely the hotel. Make sure that the shaving cream you use is thick and has a smooth consistency, instead of one that turns runny easily. This ensures that you’re keeping a close shave the whole time.

3. Stretch your skin when shaving

Stretching your skin allows the razor to glide smoothly, preventing any cuts to occur. It also allows the razor to catch any tiny hairs that love to go unnoticed –the ones that suddenly appear a day after you shave. #truestory.


4. Follow the natural growth of your hair

Why go against it? By doing so, you might risk irritating your skin and it increases the chance of you cutting yourself. Glide smoothly along the natural growth of your hair and you’ll find yourself having a much pleasant shaving experience.

5. Use shorter strokes

Just like how an artist tends to paint in shorter strokes, shave in shorter strokes too. It gives you more surface contact and prevents any mistakes to be made. When you shave in longer strokes, there’s a high chance that your hair will get clogged up in the razor. So keep it short and slow – let the razor do its thing.

6. Rinse the blade

Just like what we mentioned earlier, hair tends to get clogged up in the razor. So after a few strokes, give your blade a rinse before continuing. With that, run along now and remember these tips when you’re doing your routine shave!

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