6 Singaporean Gameplay in This Year’s Olympics That Makes You Proud to Be a Singaporean


The Olympics will always be the biggest sporting event in the world and for anyone to even qualify to take on the big guns is already a huge accomplishment in itself.

With 25 of our country’s most elite sportsmen competing in this international event, we already feel great honor and pride to see them racing alongside superstars in the various events.

Here are 6 of them.

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1. A gold medal by national swimmer Joseph Schooling

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Coming in at 50.39 Schooling beat his idol Michael Phelps to clinching the gold medal at the 100m Butterfly Men’s event.

It was a triumphant moment for Schooling and Singapore and the whole country went into celebratory mode upon his win. The first Olympic gold medal for Singapore and certainly a proud moment for all.

2. A captivating finish by shuttler Derek Wong

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Although Wong did not win, his great techniques and strong smashes during his final game against world number one Li Chong Wei from Malaysia was enough to send us into a moment of glory.

3. SGTeam Timothee Yap running alongside Usain Bolt

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He did not make it into the semi-finals but Yap’s timing of 10.79 seconds was worthy of praise. This, together with the fact he got the chance to run alongside defending and world champion Usain Bolt is more reason for Singaporeans to be proud of.


4. A race to the finish by marathoner Neo Jie Shi

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Neo accomplished a spectacular timing of 3:15:18 which gave her a standing of 131 out of 156. For the Olympics, this was definitely not an easy feat and we take our hats off to her.

5. Cheers to our paddlers Feng Tianwei, Yu Meng Yu and Zhou Yihan in the semi-finals

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Our SGTeam paddlers put up a fierce fight against South Korea and managed to make it through to the semi-finals. Now all they have to do is beat defending champions China and they are all set for a medal.

6. Sailors Griselda Khng and Sara Tan in a fight to the finish

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TeamSG sailors Khng and Tan have fought well and we are all excited to hear their final outcome. Nonetheless, they have made us all proud with their never-say-die spirit and we are all praying for the best.


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