6 types of students in secondary school that are extinct now


Last Updated on 2017-07-29 , 9:35 am

As our society changes ever so quickly, the theory of evolution states that it is all about the survival of the fittest; certain traits will become obsolete because people evolve to adapt and survive in their new environment, signalling the natural demise of certain traits and characteristics.

This is true across all ages, especially among the adaptable teenage crowd. For better or for worse, here are a few types of secondary school students that have been swept by the wayside, never to appear again. Almost.

The Ah Beng
Although almost every Singaporean knows what an Ah Beng is, the quintessential Ah Beng that we know of in the 80s and 90s are no more. Gone are the pointed combs, long black leather wallets with dragon motifs and long fringes; the Ah Bengs of today are nothing more than puny wannabes devoid of Ah Beng seh (Hokkien for poise).

The Ah Lian
Just like the Ah Beng, the true blue Ah Lian is no more, replaced by Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift wannabes spouting fake western accents instead of a torrent of smooth, seamless Hokkien insults and vulgarities. Instead of catfighting with their fingernails and ripping each other’s clothes off, they hurl words at each other on Facebook. Boring.

The Mountain Tortoise
In an age where information is literally at our fingertips, the suah ku (Hokkien for mountain tortoise) seems to have vanished, because there seriously aren’t many people who are totally ignorant about everything anymore, unless they truly live under a rock and have never seen a mobile phone, computer screen or television before.

The CD Peddler
With the proliferation of the World Wide Web, the CD peddler is no more since everyone pretty much knows where to find and stream the latest movies and music. In the past, there was always the guy who had a huge collection of CDs with all our favourite songs and movies, who would lend them out for favours or sometimes duplicate and sell them.

The class handyman
There used to be something called a duty roster in secondary school that mysteriously seemed to have disappeared – something brought up in The Straits Times recently. As students nowadays no longer have to do housework at home since their parents spoil them, the class handyman has also faded with the passage of time; there was always one guy who could clean the whiteboard, wipe the windows, sweep the floor and even fix locks, latches, tables and chairs.

The trading card game junkies
Trading card games like Magic: The Gathering used to be really hot in the 90s, but have gradually given way to mobile games that are way more convenient and easy to play; you don’t have to run the risk of getting your trading cards confiscated by your teacher anymore, losing those precious cards that cost you your whole months’ worth of allowance.

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