6 Ways To Deal With Annoying Colleagues Who Drive You Bonkers

I’m going to be real with you.

And that means all of my editors and fellow writers as well.

I like working at GoodyFeed.

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And in terms of people, everyone is really chill and I don’t think anyone has beef with each other.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t other points in life where I’ve not felt that way, be it with work colleagues or school mates.

The dude who asks questions every three seconds, the huge gossiper, and even the guy who just yells on his phone all the time.

They exist.

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So how do we deal with these people who drive us up the wall?

Chill Out

Yeah, not ask them to chill out.

Take a quick rain check on yourself first.

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What if nothing is actually happening?

You could be stressed out from the competitiveness of work and are allowing the little things to affect or get to you.

Like the guy slurping his tea sounds extra loudly today or that lady tapping her foot.

Just take a deep breath, go for a five-minute break and see if it’s you getting too worked up.

Manage the ‘Annoyance’ On A Personal Scale

A wise teacher told me something a long time ago.

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“You can’t control everything that happens but you can control how you react to them.”

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Thank you, wise teacher.

For real though, take a look around and see if there are things within your control.

Office too cold? Maybe it’s time to start bringing a jacket.

Someone pestering you meaninglessly? Tell them you’re busy or if you aren’t, maybe just try to look like you are.

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Guy talking to his wife on the phone too loud? Tell him to SHUT U—- I mean, wear an earpiece and put on some music.

Modern problems require modern solutions.


Let Them Know

But maybe these people really grind your gears.

So sometimes, you just have to tell them directly how their behaviour is affecting you and others.

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And no, we don’t mean it the old fashioned ‘ah beng’ way, ‘go toilet and settle.’

Go about it in a gentler way.

If someone is talking on the phone too loudly, let him know that he’s distracting others or even advise him.


Tell him that he might be giving away personal information talking that loud.

I’d like to think people like that don’t have any ill intentions, maybe they’re just unaware that they’re annoying others.

Who knows, they might even appreciate your advice!

Make Friends With Said Person

As we know, most of these people aren’t inherently bad.

While this might sound counterproductive on paper, why not try getting to know them better?

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Invite them out for lunch next time or perhaps even go out with them post-work hours.

Perhaps you’d get to know the person better beyond that ‘annoying attribute.’

Once you get to befriend them, you can even ease the topic of their ‘annoying attribute’ into the conversation. Work it out with them.

It’s a long-term solution but one that might just pay off!

Talk To Someone About It

We get it, sometimes saving a bit of ‘face’ is important as a professional.


But there’s no shame in letting out some frustration to a buddy.

Outside of working hours, of course.

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Be it to a friendly colleague or friend, talking about it can be a stress-reliever because you’re letting someone else know what you’re going through.


If it’s a colleague, even better! You guys can even discuss the issues together.

Try not to make a huge habit of this though. It can often come off as annoying or petty if you rely on someone to vent your stress every time.

But If It’s a Bullying Case…

I have only one but hard solution for this.

You have got to stand up for yourself.

Image: The Balance Careers

Is a senior at office intentionally giving you crap? Maybe there’s someone harassing you just because you’re performing better?


It is perfectly alright to tell them off. Being stern isn’t being rude either!

If you’re worried about causing a scene, bring them to a non-working space to sort it out.

And when all else fails, bring it up to Human Resources or even your manager/boss.

You should not have to take bullying in any form.

Of course, all of these are just pieces of advice. Do whatever works for you the best!


There’s always a sensible way around a problem.


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