6 Wrong Ways to Lose Fats People Who Have Lost Weight Won’t Tell you

Last Updated on 2016-11-30 , 2:19 pm

You’ve tried many times and failed almost every time as well. If you feel this way, you got to read this.

I mean, we’ve all tried to lose weight at a certain point of time in our lives, and most of us never got past the trying stage, sadly.

Just do a quick Google search online, and you’ll find motivational pictures of before and after, or tons of myths and facts you wouldn’t know are true or not.

Here are 6 wrong ways to lose fats people who have lost weight won’t tell you!

1. Eating lesser meals

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One of the biggest advice I always hear is – eat lesser lor. While eating less generally sounds perfect to aid you in that weight loss, it’s more of an “I feel like snacking,” kind of thing.

And before you know it, you are gaining more weight than you think.

Instead, eat more meals in smaller portions. Learn to eat till 70% full and leave it at that.

2. Obesity is about willpower


You know what they say right? When there’s a will, there’s a way. But when it comes to obesity, this might be a little tricky.

If you’re fat overall, it’s easier to slim down with exercise and look good after. If you’ve (unfortunately) got thunder thighs, your best bet is probably slimming centres which use technology to target specific body parts’ fats.

3. I want to be slim so I’ll just do cardio activities


You want to be slim, but you can’t eat fast foods for lunch every day, run for 15mins and still expect to slim down. God is fair – regardless of who you pray to.

Just running non-stop isn’t going to make you healthy.

In fact, weight training is essential for everyone who’s looking to lose weight long-term. A pound of muscle burns more calories than a pound of fat.

4. Supplements are miracle pills


Of course, that’s not true. Please lah, if eating one pill can make you slim down so easily, there won’t be slimming centres around anymore.

Supplements are simply, supplements. In order for it to work, people still have to work for it. Either by exercising or being conscious of what they eat.

5. Sleeping early makes you lose weight


It doesn’t matter if you sleep at 10pm or 1am. If you have the habit of snacking before bed, you’ll still grow fat.

6. Thinking you can do it yourself


And this, probably, could be the main reason why most of us fail at weight loss: believing we can do it ourselves.

As Singaporeans, we’re too paiseh to let our friends know we’re trying to lose weight. What if we fail? They’re going to tease you for life.

But really, if you try to go at it alone, you’ll find yourself losing motivation sooner or later.

Let them know, take responsibility for your own promise to lose weight. Join a fitness class, and for those who, like some of the writers in our office, don’t have the cash, join Health Promotion Board’s classes.

Take a chance and go for slimming centres like London Weight Management to review your weight condition. Who knows, your weight loss goals might just be closer than you think.

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