6-Year-Old Korean YouTuber Bought SS$10.4 Million Building For Family

Image: YouTube

At 6 years old, my biggest achievements were learning to bathe myself and not picking my nose in front of guests.

One 6-year-old Korean YouTuber has outdone me slightly by earning enough money to purchase a building worth SS$10.4Million for her family.

No biggie.

Crazy Rich Asians

The building was purchased by the Boram family, the company that manages both the YouTube channels that the six-year-old known as Boram features in.

A certified copy of the real estate register showed that the family purchased a 258.3-square-metre property in Gangnam, gaining sole-ownership of it.

For your info, Gangnam is like Orchard Road in Singapore, and a 5-room HDB flat is about 123 sqm.

So, how exactly did this six-year-old make so much money?

YouTube moolah

Boram features in two incredibly popular YouTube channels.

The first, Boram Tube Toys Review, has 13.6 million subscribers. The channel focuses on introducing and reviewing toys.

The second, Boram Tube Vlog, has 17.6 million subscribers and offers a glimpse into the daily life of Boram and her family.

According to The Korea Heraldthese two channels hold the “biggest share in marketing profits among Korean YouTube channels”.

They added that the monthly revenue for the two channels is around S$4.23 million.

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Yes, cute kids on YouTube are making more money in a month than most of us will make in a lifetime.

You’re probably wondering, how entertaining could these videos be? Well, take a look at their most popular hits.

With the myriad of sound effects, you might have guessed that this channel was either aimed at children or people who weren’t too fond of their ears.

It may seem annoying to some, but these two videos alone have a combined total of over 580 million views.

And that’s how you earn enough to buy a SS$10.4 million building at the age of six.


However, certain videos have raised concerns over whether the family was using Boram for financial profit.

According to The Korean Herald, Save The Children, a non-profit organization, took Boram’s guardians to court in 2017.

The charity accused the guardians of putting Boram in situations which put her under mental distress for their own financial gain.

The cited videos included those “showing the 6-year-old stealing money from her dad’s wallet, damaging her favourite doll and acting as if she is pregnant and is giving birth”, reported the South Korean newspaper.

Following the public outcry, the parents apologized to the public and made the clips in question private.

Despite that, the two channels remain as popular as ever, with the subscriber list growing every week.

Not many people can retire before they learn how to do multiplication. Well done, Boram.