67YO Chinese Woman Gives Birth To Baby; Netizen Says ‘Parents Are Too Selfish’

You know what they say about babies. They are heaven-sent bundles of joy – brought into this world for the purpose of spreading happiness.

Beyond the two-month naked mole-rat stint, the stinky diapers, the postpartum stress, and the siren-like wails, the joy they bring is comparable to none.


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Of course, I wouldn’t know. I have become immune to the inevitable punch of maternal tendencies.

Parenting has become an enjoyable hobby to some. Others even take it to the extreme. On Monday, 28 October, a 67-year-old woman from China delivered a baby girl.

According to The Straits Times, the woman and her husband has claimed the title of China’s oldest couple to have a natural birth.

An accomplishment, I guess? 

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A Gift From Heaven 

Image: China Daily

The 67-year-old woman, who goes by the surname of Tian, delivered the healthy baby girl by caesarian section at the Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital at Zaozhuang City.

It was reported that the newborn was given the name Tianci, which meant gift from heaven.

According to Chinese media, the woman’s 68-year-old husband, surnamed Huang, believes that the child was bestowed upon them by heaven.

The couple already had two children prior to their newborn child. Tian had a son born in 1977 – just two years before the one-child policy was implemented in China as a means to control the rampant growth in population.

Birth Draws Criticism From Netizens

In the midst of the couple’s excitement towards their newborn girl, comes the tidal wave of criticism from Chinese netizens.

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It was the question of ethicality that triggered the public’s harsh remarks.

Commenters on Weibo called the parents selfish saying, “at their advanced aged they have no ability to take care of a kid, and the pressure will be on the older siblings.”

According to China Daily, Huang responded by saying that having the child was their choice. It was also mentioned that they are both in good health and are ensured by their pensions.

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Some questioned whether the couple will be subject to lawful actions for going against Beijing’s two-child policy.

Women in China Delaying Childbirth

With decades of policies, it isn’t much of a surprise that women in China are choosing to delay having children. Some even go to the extent of eradicating the idea of a family.

However, studies have found that the two-child policy has encouraged older women to have second children.

An Economist Intelligence Unit report said that 51% of newborns in 2017 are second children.

In the midst of the ongoing debate surrounding the couple’s decisions, remains the fact that having the child is what both of them wanted.

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As long as they’re happy. For that, we extend a pat on the back to the new parents!

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