6YO Undergoes Surgery After His Crocs Got Stuck in MRT Escalator, Dislocating His Toe

Last Updated on 2023-07-25 , 12:11 pm

Accidents are always bad, especially when they happen to children.

Recently, a boy who is only six years old had to undergo surgery for his toe after his footwear was caught in an MRT escalator.

Here is what happened to the boy.

Boy’s Shoe Was Caught in Escalator

Earlier this month, a six-year-old boy with his parents suffered a dislocated toe from an accident involving his Crocs shoes and an MRT escalator.

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Image: zaobao.com.sg

The accident occurred at the Botanic Gardens MRT station around 2.30 pm in the afternoon on 1 July 2023.

According to the boy’s mother, Ms Liang (Hanyu pinyin), and father, Mr Duan (Hanyu pinyin), the couple had brought their son out and stood on the side of the escalator as they were descending to the platform.

The boy (who met with the accident) was with his mother, while his younger brother (who was not involved in the accident) was with his father.

At first, everything seemed fine. However, the boy suddenly started to shout loudly, and that was when his father realised something was amiss.

The father noticed that his son’s shoe was being “rolled” into the escalator and quickly pulled his son free.

Ms Liang further shared with Shin Min Daily that there weren’t many people around when the accident occurred. Those who were around had offered to help the family.

The family initially thought their son’s injury was minor but later realised, to their horror, that the wound on their son’s foot was quite deep and that their son was bleeding profusely.

The toe was almost severed in the accident.

Ms Liang divulged that she was very flustered by the incident, and her husband went to notify the station staff before sending their child to the hospital via an ambulance.

Boy’s Toe Was Dislocated

After undergoing examination at the hospital, the boy was diagnosed with a dislocated toe with severe tears.

(已签发)柔:狮城二三事:6岁男童脚趾卷入电动扶梯 尾趾脱臼急动手术
Image: zaobao.com.sg

A two-hour operation ensued, and the boy received 25 days of medical leave. There is also currently a small metal rod within the boy’s toe to hold it in place.

The boy is reportedly still unable to take escalators due to the accident.

Ms Liang and Mr Duan shared that they received no compensation despite the accident. According to them, the MRT staff had enquired about their son’s well-being but declined to provide compensation after their investigations revealed no issues with the escalator.

Although the family hoped that there would be some compensation (for their son’s medical expenses), this may not be possible as there are certain administrative hoops to jump through before compensation is awarded.