7 Facts About All is Well, A Blockbuster Collaboration Between S’pore & Taiwan Stars

Image: 8 Days

All is Well is an upcoming suspense drama featuring a star-studded cast from both Singapore and Taiwan.

Yes, you read that right.

In case you don’t already know, Mediacorp and Eightgeman, a famous Taiwanese production company, have teamed up to produce a 40-episode blockbuster drama that illustrates cybercrime, murder and perhaps some romance too.

Joining this production are local stars like Zoe Tay, Romeo Tan and Ian Fang, as well as Taiwanese stars like Pauline Lan, Joanne Tseng and Liu Kuan Ting.

1. Based on a True Story

Image: bbc.com

All is Well is based on the real-life ATM hacking incident that happened in Taiwan back in 2016.

An international criminal ring used malware to hack into 41 First Commercial Bank machines and retrieved NT$83 million (approximately S$3.67 million). These machines were from three cities in Taiwan, namely Taichung, New Taipei City and Taipei.

Only three Eastern European men have been caught; the remaining 19 suspects are thought to have fled Taiwan and close to NT$5.79 million (approximately S$255,188) is still unaccounted for.

2. Zoe Tay Powers Through to Be Romeo Tan’s Mother Despite Feeling Weird

Image: 8 Days

Zoe Tay, 51, mentioned that she felt a little weird when she found out she was going to be acting as the mother of Romeo Tan, 34.

To be honest, who wouldn’t when your own son is 20 years younger than your onscreen one?

She thought she would be putting on some special-effects makeup to make her appear older, but the director simply said no.

Image: 8days.sg

Being one of the older sisters in the local film industry, or Ah Jie as one may put it, she rose to the occasion and accepted it with the utmost professionalism. She even quipped that she would have to act as everyone’s mom in the future!

3. Two Storylines, One Show

The 40-episode drama will have two stories interwoven into one show, with one half talking about the ATM hacking incident in Taiwan, and the other half talking about a murder in Singapore.

Ah Hock loved Michelle and asked her, ‘Ai stead mai?’ in the 90s. Today, he tried again but would it work? Prepare some tissue paper and watch their love story here:

Sure, we have our fair share of one main storyline with main characters and one side storyline with side characters, but All is Well is very much different.

This is possibly one of the rare times where we see two totally different storylines with their own main characters woven into one show!

The Singapore storyline is set to be broadcasted on weeknights at 9 pm on Channel 8, followed by the Taiwan storyline at 10 pm on Channel U.

4.  Watch it Separately or Together

You can choose to follow both plots by watching the full 40 episodes or just follow one storyline by watching each as a standalone drama.

But let’s face it, where’s the fun in that if you don’t view the beautiful collaboration between the stars of Singapore and Taiwan?

5.  Ian Fang’s Grandmother Passed Away During His Filming

Image: 8days.sg

First off, our condolences to Ian Fang.

His grandmother had passed away in April during the filming of the show, however, despite going through a very hard time, Fang remained professional and separated his personal issues from his work.

He performed with professionalism and stated in an interview that work was as usual for him because he believed in being focused on work.

6.  Award-Winning Teams’ Brainchild

All is Well is the brainchild of two award-winning teams in Mediacorp and Eightgeman.

The production in Singapore is headed by senior executive producer Leong Lye Lin who has the Best Director win for Sudden (2013) and Best Drama nominations for The Dream Job (2017) and My Friends From Afar (2018) under her belt.

The production in Taiwan is helmed by well-known director-producer Wang Shaudi. His most recognised production is the eight-titled incubator production project Qseries which roped in 42 nominations and won 9 awards at the Golden Bell Awards within two years.

He also achieved Best Television Series wins for Close Your Eyes Before It’s Dark (2016) and A Boy Named Flora A (2017).

Seeing as to how distinguished the two teams are, they should probably be looking towards receiving even more awards for this show!

7. First-Ever Singapore-Taiwan Collaboration

We have heard of a collaboration between Singapore and Hong Kong when they brought to us Bluetick, a suspense drama. We have heard of Taiwanese stars coming to Singapore as guest stars on local shows, but never have we had a partnership like All is Well.

This is the first time we are collaborating with Taiwan to produce an all-new suspense drama and we absolutely cannot wait for it to be broadcasted!

So be sure to catch All is Well when it airs on weeknights on Channel 8 at 9 pm and on Channel U at 10 pm, starting on 26 August.

For Toggle It First users, the show is already out on Toggle on Monday (19 August), with five episodes for each storyline to be released every Monday.

The series will also be available in Taiwan on Taiwan Television (TTV) every Friday starting 30 August.