7 Friends Bought S$791K House So They Can Retire Together

Image: ET Today

Back in the days, friendship bands or bracelets were the living proof of the special bond shared between bffs.

In my opinion, it looks especially good if you had an entire squad to rock the accessory with. For that reason, I was envious of girls with a large group of friends consisting of well, at least seven people.

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Gradually, I realized that as opposed to having more friends, a few close ones were sufficient. Speaking from experience, the bigger the group, the greater the likelihood of cliques would form within the group.

Fast forward to the present, everything from matching tattoos to outfits is common ways to exhibit #friendshipgoals.

If you’re rich though, it’s a different story. Unconventional is the way to go.

Childhood dream come true

Since young, it was everyone’s dream to be neighbours with their best mates and do everything together.

Time spent in school was limited and there was only so much one could talk about with his/ her best friend(s). Outside school, it’s a whole new world; so much to explore, so many memories to be forged.

Some say money can’t buy happiness but clearly, it does if you know how to spend it well.

According to World of Buzz, 7 friends realized their dreams when they bought a house to live together.

One of the girls, Jin Du mentioned that when they were younger, they often joked about finding a place surrounded by nature (mountains and water) when they were older to retire to.

And so, they did.

For many, it was all talk but for them, they actually walked the talk.

Image: ET Today

ET Today reported that the seven ladies had known each other for more than 10 years since their first encounter at the same newspaper company.

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Having come from similar backgrounds and sharing the same interests, it is no surprise they have a close-knit friendship. What sets them apart from other girls is the topics they talk about – Quantum mechanics and the mysteries of the universe.

Before getting together in 2018 to celebrate the 10th year mark of their friendship, they were in touch although some moved out of Guangzhou, some got married and others started their own businesses.

The 4 Million RMB house

The search for the perfect house kicked off in 2018 and after viewing more than 20 houses, they found one that matched their criteria to a T.

Image: ET Today
Image: ET Today

The three-storey house was renovated to become a “glass box” amidst the greenery. Is this not #housegoals?

Similar to people who have more money for better plastic surgery, the outcome is often a far cry from the original. In a good way.

Image: ET Today

With reference to World of Buzz, the house “comes complete with a glass viewing room and tea area overlooking the greenery as well as an open kitchen”.

Even Planned On How To Co-exist Together

Regardless of how special the friendship is, conflicts are bound to occur from living in the same space for a period of time. To prevent this, they have agreed to master a skill each i.e. cooking and growing vegetables to contribute in different ways.

As of now, the ladies are living their own lives and have plans to rent the house out before finally retiring together. They also said they would gather there during the festive seasons along with their families along, in hopes of building good relationships with each other.

With rising costs and demand for housing estates in Singapore, it’s a miracle if one can even get an apartment successfully. Thinking of moving in with all your friends? Try Malaysia, maybe.