7 hidden benefits of learning a foreign language you probably didn’t know

With airfare becoming more affordable and people becoming more affluent, I’m sure most readers are now travelling overseas to many destinations much more frequently for shopping trips or just to relax and unwind.  

If you love to travel, learning a few simple phrases of foreign languages is something that you are familiar with. But did you know that besides allowing you to communicate with locals overseas and have a better vacation experience, learning foreign languages has much more benefits to it? 

Here are some reasons why you should learn new languages even if you are not planning to travel anytime soon! 

Who knows, you might just find yourself browsing through community centres’ programs for their foreign language classes after reading this.

Smoother travels
Okay, this goes without saying but we have to add this in because it’s probably the main reason why we’re learning to speak in another language. After all, we have two (English and Mother Tongue) and we usually suck at one of them. 

If you are able to converse in a foreign language when overseas, chances are that you will be much more welcomed in the country you are visiting. Furthermore, speaking  in the local language definitely beats using sign language to convey what you want to say to the locals. It doesn’t hurt that bargaining in the local language might make you novel enough to get what you want. 

Improve brainpower
Research has shown that if you are able to converse in two or more languages, it is proven to help in your cognitive processes. Other than making you smarter, learning a foreign language can also help you understand the culture of the country whose language you are speaking. Two-birds-one-stone FTW, yeah?

Improve memory
Learning a new language is said to be beneficial in strengthening the “muscles” in your brain. By strengthening these “muscles” you stand to gain much better ability in memorising and so, do better at work or school.

Helps you become more observant
Learning a foreign language not only allows you to understand more about the culture of a country, it also helps improve your observation skills. You can never imagine how you lived life before when you start noticing small and interesting things about life you have never noticed before. 

Analytical Skills
Even if two languages are similar, there are still nuances within each language that require you to be aware of. Learning a foreign language means you are able to analyse what is being taught better as you are able to internally decipher the language with your native tongue.

Social Skills
Knowing more languages means that you are able to be more sociable as you can relate and interact with others better even if they are not able to speak your native language or English. Instead, you will impress them when you speak their language with ease. 

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