7 Old Arcade Games All 90s Kids Used To Love Before Smartphone & Computer Games Took Over


Last Updated on 2022-05-04 , 8:43 pm

What were games like before the era of smartphones, iPads and computer games?

Apart from PS1 and Game Boy (if our parents bought them for us), our only choice would be visiting the arcade. It was an easy option; cheap, convenient and fun

It was also the perfect option because you could just step in for a while to play after school before you rush home to report to your mother. Just remember to bring clothes to change, as arcades don’t allow students in uniform in.

Now, here are the 7 old arcade games all 90s kids used to love and are not as popular or extinct now.

1. Midway 1942

1942 is a vertically scrolling shoot-em-up game, the very first in the 19xx series. Set in the Pacific theatre of World War II, the goal is to reach Tokyo and destroy the entire Japanese air fleet. You’ll have to shoot down enemy planes, dodge enemy planes.

In short, you just have to siam like crazy. This was and one of the most popular and exciting games. You’ll change all your money and prepare to battle at the console.


Dance Dance Revolution

DDR was the grandfather of Audition (Maple story’s sister if you can’t remember). But of course, physically dancing is way more fun than fake dancing.

It was like the best workout you ever got with the sweating and panting after a game.

If you’re a Pro, that’s even better: many people should have gathered around to watch you perform.

Or to watch you shame yourself as you get stuck in “Butterfly” #justsaying


Racing would be one of the most addictive games because you can literally sit there and not move a single inch. It’s easy to play, it’s extremely gender-friendly, and it makes you feel like Jay Chou in Initial D.

It’s also a great game for larger groups since you can all just sit in a line and hog the machines.

Just don’t gong gong go for the auto transmission. You’ll look like a nerd, or like a driver driving from Jurong to Tampines.

Bishi Bashi

The game that you anyhow whack. Remember the burgers and sushi?

Bishi Bashi arcade machine supports 1 to 3 players and is one of the easier games to play.

Consisting of just coloured buttons, you have to coordinate the colour and speed to the game on the screen. This is also the game which creates most of the noises in the arcade because people hit the buttons like no-tomorrow and cry after that.

Time Crisis II

Time Crisis II is a twin shooter arcade game, best played with your BFF.  Or you can try and play both all by yourself if you’re feeling adventurous.

Most will pass the first stage but die at the second. #Fact.

And don’t even think about it, the third stage is only for the pros.

If you’re old enough, you should be familiar with the original Time Crisis instead.


Air Hockey

Air Hockey is fun, but only if you win. It’s also a great workout when you feel like exercising, but not too extreme.

The table lights also enhance the “Wow” factor of this game, and it’s always exciting to challenge your friend and “anyhow whack.”

House of the Dead

This was the ultimate zombie game before L4D was introduced. You could only get poor zombie graphics, but you’ll still enjoy it anyway because it’s your only time to use a gun and shoot zombies with it.

So there you go, a short walk down memory lane. As my granddaddy used to say, nobody makes games like those in our time.


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