7 Pokemon GO Myths Debunked You Need To Know So You’ll Be The True Pokemon Master


Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm and chances are your news feed and circle of friends are filled with information about the game. News or at least, rumours have been spreading and all Pokemon GO fanatics will surely jump at the chance of trying out hacks to score their way in the popular game.

But just like our childhood game of ‘Telephone’, messages change and get disrupted along the way and hacks become myths. So in order to help you become the very best, like no one ever was, here’s 10 hacks that won’t work.

  1. Someone can show up and steal the Pokemon from you if you’re not fast enough to catch it

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    It is said that if you see a Pokemon on your map, others can see it too. This resulted in many fanatics who chiong to the area to catch the one and only Pokemon. But did you know that if you play with a friend or in a group and played your cards right, every player will be able to catch that Pokemon?

  2. Pokemon GO depletes all of your data

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    Though some fanatics have mentioned that Pokemon GO is one of the main reason why their data has been shooting through the roof, this myth has been debunked. Based on an article on the Wall Street Journal, it has been mentioned that the popular game uses an average of 10 megabytes of data per hour. Instead, if you watched high-resolution videos on your phone for an exact same 1 hour, you’ll be using 35 times that much more!

  3. Following this chart for the level of rarity in Pokemon

    Though it’s definitely nice to have a chart for you to determine the rarity of each Pokemon, it has been said that the chart was circulated around and is only based on one player’s experience. Not a true or confirmed chart, you’ll realize that there are only 73 out of the original 150 Pokemon on the chart!

  4. You’ll be able to hatch Pokemon Eggs by a ceiling fan

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    After putting your Pokemon Eggs into your incubators, you’ll have to walk a distance in order to hatch your Egg. But human nature strikes again, and even the best Pokemon master gets lazy sometimes. As the distance walked is calculated based on your GPS location tracking and pedometer reading, some people resorted to spinning their phone by tying it to a ceiling fan. People, this will not work!

  5. Get Pokemon to appear by walking into rustling leaves

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    It has been said that swirling leaves may seem like a good prediction that a Pokemon is near you, however, it does not guarantee the appearance of Pokemon so beware of your surroundings and don’t go walking aimlessly.

  6. Predicting the evolution of Eevee by your attacks

    Image: usgamer,net

    Rumours have been spreading like wildfire saying that the type of your attacks will determine the evolution of Eevee with Eevee and Swift becoming Jolteon, Dig and Eevee becoming Flareon and Body Slam with Eevee evolving into Vaporeon. So far, this has been all hearsay and no proof.

  7. Rain attracts water Pokemon and thunderstorms attract electric Pokemon

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    Though it’s true that some Pokemon are found near their terrains of expertise, e.g. water Pokemon near a canal or beach, it has been said that weather does not affect any chance of Pokemon appearing. So the next time, there’s a thunderstorm near your area, stay at home instead. The only thing you’ll catch is a cold.

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