7 Romantic & Unique Wedding Photoshoot Locations In Singapore For The Picture Perfect Shot



Where do you go to in Singapore to take photos unique photos of Singapore for your pre-wedding photo shoot?

For many tourists, sure taking photos with the iconic landmarks in Singapore is a definite milestone, but what about us locals?

We all love Singapore for its urban city life but sometimes we would like a twist and to change things up a little bit for something that is tuned towards the off the beaten track ambience. Furthermore, we find joy in going or exploring places together with our loved ones to find secret spots and now even more so because that’s really where you can find the rare pokemons!

In addition to our list of Top 10 Wedding Photoshoot Locations and even creative Singapore pre-wedding photoshoot ideas, even though we can’t 100% guarantee there will be Pokestops around here for you to catch Pokemons,  but we can guarantee an edition of unique wedding photoshoot locations for you to find the perfect scene to tell your very own tale.

Mixing a little of our research, a dash of creativity and past Louvre Bride and Grooms preferences, we have come up with the ultimate “On The Tiny Red Dot But Not Quite Photoshoot Locations” specially for you!

Coney Island


If you’re thinking Brooklyn, New York City when you hear the name “Coney Island”, then you’re pretty off-grid. Although having the same name, the Coney Island which we are referring to, can be found just a little off our tiny red dot in the Punggol area, so you can pretty much hold back on those passports for now.

If you have yet to hear of this place, let’s just tell you that it is definitely a one-of-a-kind, magical green foliage to take your “in the woods” and ethereal pre-wedding photos.

Having hidden gems like wooden canopies, tree stumps with stepping stones and the natural forests paths it is perfect for you if you’re looking to create a rustic and wandering scene for your very own story.

Seletar North Link


“Is this in Singapore?” is a question commonly asked by couples when we recommend this Singapore pre-wedding photoshoot location to them. Often mistaken for a spot in the western countries, this location features a glistening, lake which is definitely a treasure in this urban city of ours!

If you’re looking for a venue out of the ordinary then this would be paradise for you!  Also embracing a mystical atmosphere, your wedding photographs will definitely stand out from the typical wedding pictures!

Sunset Railway Track


Yet another outdoor location which boasts picturesque wedding photos, the Sunset Railway Track is bound to impress.

The long forgotten railway track induces a sensational yet romantic vintage vibe and with the complimentary luscious greenery it makes the perfect backdrop for your “our secret spot” or “our safe haven” type of wedding photos.


If you would like a rugged yet illusory kind of mood, this setting will do just that for you!

Victoria Concert Hall


Do you know the history behind this grand monument?

Formerly known as Victoria Memorial Hall, we have the Victoria Concert Hall built in 1905, to honour Queen Victoria. Furthermore, the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall we now know today, has contributed much to Singapore’s colonial and post colonial history, as well as the performing arts scene. It’s no wonder the location is so reknowned!

Possessing a beautiful, spacious more open and accessible space after its reopening in 2014, couples who are intrigued by architectural grandeur should not miss your chance to have your local pre-wedding photoshoot here!




With over 130 years of history, we have yet another wonderful national monument of Singapore – Chijmes. Being a Catholic convent school many years ago, it has been revived not too long ago for shopping and dining. However its cathedral-like exterior has been kept sacred and hence makes it great for couples who want to achieve a sophisticated and charming wedding photography style.

It is indeed a stunning and historic place in Singapore for couples who are interested to have their pre-wedding shoot that brings out the non urban city look. It is definitely a place for you to explore!

Universal Studios Singapore


Universal Studios Singapore, needless to say is to feed everyone’s childhood dream.

This is perfect for fun-loving couples who are looking to have unique, unconventional backdrops which can never be found in theme parks! Since it is a theme park, naturally it will be crowded on weekends and holidays. So if you’re already planning on when to have your bridal photoshoot, it is safer to have it on a weekday!


Relieve your castle dreams at Far Far Away or your star-studded dreams at Hollywood Street! Perhaps you could also include a friendly mascot in 1 or 2 photos if you’re up for something really different and you’ll definitely look like you’re not in Singapore!

Quayside Isle


Located deep rooted within Sentosa Cove, Quayside Isle’s peaceful ambience acts as a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of every Singaporean’s day to day life.

With the jaw-dropping backdrop of an incredible waterfront with yachts, it is made for nautical lovers who are yearning to capture their love story in a moment like this for their bridal shoot. With its serene atmosphere, it is ideal to capture the perfect “short getaway from home” photos which you would like to have in your wedding album.

Here we have come to the end of the ultimate guide to having a photoshoot away from the urban city life but this is just the beginning of your adventure! Choosing the destinations for your wedding photoshoot is only number 1 on the list, next would be the planning for your photoshoot and we are always glad to help you plan your wedding itinerary step by step with you!


Believe you can top these photoshoot locations?

Share with us the secret gems of Singapore and stand a chance to win a mini gift from us, as well as seeing it being featured on the third edition of the photoshoot locations!

However, if you’re looking for more photoshoot venue ideas, we’re definitely keen on sharing! Just drop us an email at [email protected] or buzz us at 6337 7808 and we will be on the way to planning with you!
} The Louvre Bridal Team