7 Signs That A Wandering Spirit is Beside a Person This 7th Month


Last Updated on 2022-08-06 , 4:23 pm

A lot of people in the millennium actually believe in ghosts, spirits, and life after death. Even if you don’t, you might still want to know some of these signs that you would experience in the event that a “supernatural thing” i.e. the ghost, is near you, especially during the 7th Month, when spirits and humans share the same domain.

Whether you acknowledge them or not, it is your own choice. But here are seven signs (‘coz 7th month, yo) that a spirit might be beside you (reading this article with you) #justsaying

Sixth Sense–The Feel

Believe it or not, if a ghost is near you then you can actually feel it. Your instinct is pretty much the most accurate thing ever in events like this. The feeling of something watching you, but then again nothing is there: does that sound familiar?

Why is this so? Because we are beings of energy, and energy can detect other forms of energy. When you get a sudden “feeling” about something, though you can’t really see it, you are actually tapping into another energy field!

Of course, if you start to lose your Wifi or 4G connection, it could have been blocked by something as well.

Drop in temperature

A sudden drop in temperature without any logical explanation is another sign that something is near you. You will know it because the place that you are in, probably somewhere familiar, is usually not as cold as it is.


When a person feels a chill or cold breeze passing through them, goosebumps will then occur, then an unpleasant fear that will start to haunt. Be careful of this sign, because it is a very common first signal and can potentially lead to many more things.

P.S. The solution is to check whether some joker has adjusted the air-con temperature if you’re in a room.

Electrical stuff goes haywire

It is said that active spirits can cause a great stir in the energy field – and that’s how paranormal hunters explain paranormal sightings: by measuring the electric field. If you see your electrical appliances going haywire all of a sudden, or if your light bulbs in your house always blow, then it might be because the spirit present overpowers the fragile structure of the mechanism in your appliances.

And well, if your Wifi and 4G signal starts to get weaker…you should be very fearful (coz how to live without Internet?!).

Strange behaviour from your pets

Animals are more in tune with paranormal phenomenon so don’t be surprised if they notice something that you don’t. One example would be that your dog may suddenly start following something around the room with its eyes, or even growl and start whining.

This is because their eyes and ears can see and detect things that we cannot. If your cats are doing the same thing, then probably it is for the same reason too, and cats are really super-sensitive about such stuff.

Knock knock

Do you hear strange or sudden knocks when there is nobody there? Knocking is a relatively common form of communication with spirits, because they are trying to get your attention and all they could do is interact with objects, hence the knocking. Sometimes if they try hard enough, you might find objects moving too…

Weird smells

Sometimes, a ghost makes it presence known by emitting an unpleasant smell, such as strange perfume or cigar smoke. Often, if the spirit is a negative one, then the smell is bad. But if they are good ones then you can usually smell what you would associate with the spirit, like the tobacco smell that your deceased uncle used to smoke.

Weak body

Ghost can actually affect your feelings and drain your energy because of the different electrical field that it belongs to. They can make you feel completely weak. Don’t try to push yourself in these instances and just go to rest.

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