5 nostalgic memories 90s kids have of 77th Street which will close down this end-July

As we are still recovering from the shock of losing Underwater World and getting over the nostalgia that came with the memories we have of the place, the latest news is that another childhood favourite is set to disappear.

News reports have announced that 77th Street, which was founded in 1988, is going into history with its last outlet located in Ang Mo Kio closing down by the end of July this year due to high rentals. Founder Elim Chew said in an interview that the rental when she first started “was S$9 per square foot, today it’s S$35 per square foot” and they’re “just working for the landlord to pay off the rental”.

For 90s kids, the streetwear brand was once the place all cool kids were seen at and one place where you could shop for trendy fashion accessories. Here are some nostalgic memories of 90s kids future kids will not have anymore. Do you remember them?

The Go-to Place for Piercings
For those adventurous ones, going to 77th street and getting a piercing was something that made you join the ‘in’ crowd. This was also one of the places where piercings were something affordable for you as a student with a tight budget.

Caps that you have dreamt of getting but could never afford
The super cool caps that we can’t remember the brands of are something that you wish to own, but never could because they’re pretty expensive for students. Perhaps this is the reason why you splurge on branded goods whenever you have the money to spend nowadays as a working adult. Childhood trauma, hah!

Feeling exclusive
Remember your first love? This was where some couples go to for couple rings and the only place where staff treat you like you matter. Standing in front of the glass counter and asking to view the rings made you feel like you’re buying wedding bands.

Pencil cases
Do the brands Billabong and Roxy sound familiar to you? That’s probably because you had one of their pencil cases, which was something that was very trendy back then. In order to be a cool kid, having a Billabong or Roxy Pencil case was a must-have.

CNY Clothes
Back when online shopping was something impossible and blog shops were not as prevalent as they are today, 77th street was the first choice for you to do your CNY clothes shopping as the shop sold everything you need from top to bottom.

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