8 Best Hidden Beaches in S’pore to Stroll with your BAE and Watch the Sunset


Last Updated on 2022-05-13 , 3:53 pm

Cracking your brain and wondering where to go for your next date? Well, put that thinking cap aside and take a break because this list is about to give you the eight beaches at which you should definitely go for a stroll with your significant other.

1. Beach on Lazarus Island

Image: islandcruise.com.sg

Singapore probably does not hold a big reputation when it comes to beaches, but seriously, this beach in our little red dot is one of the gems we have but is strangely not found on the official list of beaches in Singapore on Wikipedia. It seems like this beautiful place does not even have an official name for it.

And guess what? It’s super easy to get to this rustic beach: just get a ferry from Marina South Pier (S$18) to St John’s Island, and then walk over from St John’s Island to the beach (five to ten minutes’ walk)! And did I mention this? This place is never crowded. So go on and impress your bae and thank me later.

2. Siloso Beach

Image: tripadvisor.com.sg

Okay, this is not exactly hidden but it will be good to know. There are three beaches in Sentosa – namely Tanjong Beach, Palawan Beach, and Siloso Beach – where Siloso Beach is probably the busiest of them all. Yes, this is also where you’ll be raving till the dawn of 2017 during the upcoming Siloso Beach Party 2016.

3. Tanjong Beach

Image: tanjongbeachclub.com

Home to the Tanjong Beach Club, Tanjong Beach holds Singapore’s own full moon parties three times annually. This is also a great place to chill with your bae, or even your friends. Just take a short five to ten minutes’ walk past Tanjong Beach Club and you are on your way to a relaxing day.

4. Palawan Beach

Image: sentosa.com.sg

This is a more peaceful stretch of beach that is just walking distance away from Siloso Beach. There’s a whole lot of space where you can find a peaceful spot to relax, do some reading, or just to have some time alone. The main feature here is the link bridge which brings you to the southernmost part of continental Asia.

5. Pasir Ris Park

Image: nparks.gov.sg

Pasir Ris Park is a good option for cycling, and it is conveniently located at the very end of Singapore’s East West MRT Line. This place is probably a nice spot for a barbeque while you experience the sea breeze.

6. Changi Park

Image: nparks.gov.sg

Changi Park is located at a great spot to watch the sunset, accompanied by some bars and restaurants nearby. As it is also located near the airport, it is also a good spot to get a good sight of planes flying lowly overhead. On some days, the sunlight would hit this place real good and make it look amazing in the day.

7. East Coast Beach

Image: nparks.gov.sg

Okay, this one is really well-known, so there really should not be any reason for you to not be aware of this place. East Coast Park itself gets pretty busy especially on weekends, and people come to this place to do many outdoor activities – including cycling, rollerblading, and even camping. This soft, sandy beach is a perfect spot for you and your bae to count the stars at night!

8. Punggol Beach

Image: worldbeachguide.com

Just look at the picture of the beach, how rustic it is, isn’t it? Well, this place is probably unknown to some, but just take my advice: it is probably not a very good idea to take off your slippers to have a walk here because of the litters of large rocks all over the place.


Other than that, this is still a fantastic place to find a large rock to sit on and admire the myriad of colours as the sky changes during sunset. Who knows, you and your significant other might even be lucky enough to catch the sight of a rainbow or two!

Featured Image: sentosa.com.sg + worldbeachguide.com

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