8 Classic Movies to Watch During CNY for That 90s CNY Vibes


Last Updated on 2022-01-10 , 3:41 pm

Celebrating Chinese New Year is not a complete affair without watching some Chinese New Year festive movies and reconnecting with your relatives over them.

Crowding around the TV and enjoying CNY snacks while watching the movie will prove to become a yearly affair.

One good thing is – when your relatives’ mouths are full of food and their minds are focused on the movie, you get less invasive questions about your relationship status and other personal matters.


God of Gamblers (or From Vegas to Macau)

Gambling and CNY celebrations are almost synonymous with each other. Chow Yun Fatt is also the long-standing celebrity who appeals to all ages and his celebrated role as the God of Gamblers is nothing to be scoffed at. The series has also become a Chinese New Year staple, with the third movie bringing together the other Heavenly Kings Andy Lau and Jacky Cheung.

Shaolin Soccer

Soccer, or football, is a sport that can bring together all kinds of people. Coupled with the household name Stephen Chow, this action comedy will get everyone hyped up, despite the slightly nonsensical plot that Stephen Chow movies are known for.

CZ12 (or Chinese Zodiac 12)

The movie allowed Jacky Chan to lay claim to the Guiness World Records for “The most stunts performed by a living actor” and “The most credits in a movie”. Although the festive ties to the Chinese Zodiac are weak at best, the movie is still suitable for a CNY gathering as Jacky Chan is an actor who is surely recognisable by people of all ages.

Ip Man

The movie might not be a funny comedy but it definitely fits the CNY mood with its theme of Chinese patriotism. Although Westerners are usually portrayed as villainous characters, we are sure that the usual Singaporean audiences can take it with a pinch of salt. The action-packed scenes and intense plot pace will keep everyone at the edge of the sofa.

Kungfu Hustle

The classic Stephen Chow movie never fails to disappoint. The inspirational rise of the protagonist to become that of a kungfu expert is bound to send everyone into peals of laughter. At the same time, the team spirit of the mysteriously talented community that is protecting their turf from the gangsters will warm all hearts.

A Chinese Odyssey 

Let’s just say that we’re not the only one who thinks so: even Mediacorp, or even before it’s called Mediacorp, made it a point to air this movie every Chinese New Year. Nowadays, we don’t see it in TV, but the memories of “Only You” remains in our mind – forever.

Future Cops

The movie is a mix of genres, including sci-fiction, action and comedy. Although we are doubtful about the originality of taking several leaves from the books of famous video games like Street Fighter, Mario and Dragon Ball Z, the appearance of the Heavenly Kings Andy Lau and Jacky Cheung is enough to get this movie shortlisted.

Aces Go Places

The action comedy stars Sam Hui and Karl Maka as the classic comedy couple of thief and police. Their stunts and witty comedic actions will prove to be hits with relatives of all ages.