8 Coolest Hidden Features In iOS 10 To Impress Your Friends


Are you an iPhone user? Have you updated your iOS? If not, you had better hurry up and do so as the iOS 10 has many cool, amazing, and useful functions that will make you go “woooo….”. Given the coolness of the new iOS, it is able to make me consider ditching Android and Samsung for Apple.

Punctual Bedtime Anyone?

There is a new “Bedtime” function for the Clock app, which asks the number of hours you intend to sleep each night and when you usually wake up in the morning. Your iPhone then calculates when you should go to bed and sets the hour for you to wake. It even charts your sleeping habits.

Uninterrupted Photography and Music Listening

With the iOS 10, you can now launch the photo app and snap away happily without having your music being rudely interrupted. This means you can keep rockin’ away until you start taking Live Photos or videos. Maybe iOS 11 could rectify this problem.

Share and Work On Notes Together

This is something like a scaled-down and simpler version of Google Documents as this Share and Work function of Apple Notes allows you to share a note with a colleague or friend. After working on a note, you can then decide how you would like to send the invite by entering the contact’s name. Once accepted, your invited contact would be able to add, edit, and/or remove content.

Oh! So There’s Where My Car Is

If your car is equipped with the CarPlay function or a standard Bluetooth system, you will receive an alert on your iPhone as soon as you turn off and exit your car. The Parked Car alert will plot in Apple Maps where car is currently parked and also allow you insert more details like row and lot numbers so that you to jog your memory. Otherwise, you can spend the next few hours searching for your car.

Pause and Prioritize App Installs

The pause and prioritize download function allows you to choose which app to prioritize, giving you additional control over your multiple downloads. This means you can decide which app to complete its download and which to push down the list when you are restoring your device or installing a bunch of app updates at once.

Apple Mail

Apple Mail comes with three new functions like Fast Unsubscribe, Unread Only, and Quick Action. The Fast Unsubscribe feature will make emails with unsubscribe links display the unsubscribe links at the top of each mail with an easy-to-hit button. Also, your mailbox will have a filter icon at the bottom left corner that allows you to change the default setting to filter by “unread” category. And finally, the quick actions will reveal quick functions such as flag, reply, and trash when you swipe left on your message.

“Close All”

On Safari, you can close your browser tabs by pressing the Tab View and then pressing long on ‘Done’ to reveal the option, while for Notifications, you can press hard on the X at the top of the list to get a ‘Clear All’ option.

Control Centre

The Quick Timer Option would allow users of 3D Touch enabled iPhones to use a hard press to bring up 1, 5, 20 and 1 hour instant timer options. Then the Calculator Memory allows you to copy the answer in your last calculation and save time when you 3D Touch the calculator icon in the Control Centre. The 3D Touch option has been extended to the Camera icon to bring up certain shooting modes for the camera. While the Control Centre, for reasons unknown, no longer shows music controls on its mainscreen, you can access the controls by swiping left and another left gives you more shortcuts for the Home app. Finally, 3D Touch enabled phones allow users to use a hard press on the flashlight to choose among low, medium, and high brightness.

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