8 Creepy Wikipedia Pages That Shouldn’t Be Read at Night


Last Updated on 2020-12-19 , 3:27 pm

Nowadays, whatever is on your phone or computer would be way scarier than a night walk somewhere.

After all, the fear in the walk are unfounded worries, but what you read online is real. Like a GST increase, or like these Wikipedia pages.

Just a disclaimer: if you’re timid, we suggest that you read this in the morning.

Joyce Vincent
Joyce Vincent was a British woman who passed away in her own home back in 2003. Although it may not sound scary, the creepy part of this story was that Vincent was only found to be dead 3 years after her passing. The police found her skeletal remains resting on her couch with the television still on since she prepaid her rent and electricity wasn’t cut off. Read it here.

Flatwoods Monster
Also known as the Braxton County Monster or the Phantom of Flatwoods, this so-called monster was first sighted in Virginia, United States in 1952 by 3 children after they saw an unidentified flying object crash into the woods.

According to the children, it was approximately 2 metres tall. Upon their escape from the monster, the children all experienced convulsions, vomiting, and swelling of the nose and throat. Read it here.

June and Jennifer Gibbons
June and Jennifer Gibbons were a pair of identical twins who were inseparable and were mute. The twins only communicated with each other through a special language that only the two of them understood. When they reached adulthood, it was discovered that the twins had a long agreement that if one twin died, the other must start speaking to others and lead a normal life. Soon, Jennifer died from an unexplained heart condition and June starting talking to other people. She mentioned that she was grateful for her sister’s sacrifice. Read it here.

Post-mortem photography
During the Victorian times in the 19th century, people had this custom of taking photographs of dead people, especially children. The corpses would first be cleaned, dressed, and later propped up in preparation for the photographs. In many instances, the living relatives of the dead posed in the photos as well. Read it here.

List of people who disappeared mysteriously
Yes, people disappear all the time all over the world but what’s creepy about this Wikipedia page is that it was recorded that an entire colony of people disappeared into thin air in North Carolina, United States, in 1580. Read it here.

Black-eyed children
Legend has it that black-eyed children are paranormal beings that resembled children from the age of 6 to 16 with pale skin and all black eyes. These “children” were said to knock on doors of people’s homes at night requesting to use the phone or the bathroom. Read it here.

Shadow person
This entire Wikipedia page is dedicated to sightings of shadowy figures spotted by people from the corners of their eyes. It explains the possibility that these shadow people could be beings from another dimension or that they could also be aliens from outer space. Read it here.

Coffin birth
A coffin birth is a natural occurrence whereby the gases in dead pregnant women causes the dead foetuses to be expelled from their bodies. The Wikipedia page assured readers that coffin births are now very rare due to modern technology in embalming and body preservation.

Although due to land shortage, the dead in Singapore are often cremated, majority of people from foreign countries are still being buried and this phenomenon could still happen without us knowing about it. Read it here.

Featured Image: Photo Oz / Shutterstock.com