8 Damn Regrets Every S’porean Have After CNY Every Damn Year

Last Updated on 2023-01-27 , 1:47 pm

Chinese New Year is over, or at least the Chinese New Year public holiday is over and you’re back to the daily grind.

As with every awesome holiday, there are a couple of regrets you’ll have after that. Here are 8 damn regrets you have after CNY every damn year. I bet most Singaporeans can relate to the first one. Agree?

1. Eating Too Much Good Food

Every year, we look forward to CNY because it gives us a free pass to binge. You’ll eat the bak kwa, drink nothing else but Yeos chrysanthemum tea and Tiger beer. And that’s not taking into account the scrumptious food your ah ma cooked.

After CNY, you’ll look at the weighing scale and ask why did I eat so much?! You wish you’d have listened to us when we told you a piece of bak kwa equals 47 minutes of running.

And if you’re an NSman who has to take IPPT before March ends, I feel you.

2. Playing Too Much Ban Luck and Mahjong

Let’s face it. When you first get your ang baos, you’d pledge to keep them in your bank account for rainy days. That only last till you meet ban luck and mahjong. Then, you’ll be digging money out from your red packet because you want to stay in the game.

And you have the I’m going to win the next round mentality.

3. Keeping the Off-In-Lieu and Coming Back to Work on the Fourth Day of CNY

Okay, this only applies to companies that allow you to choose between taking the off-in-lieu on Tuesday or leaving it for a later date this year. Some choose to leave the off-in-lieu until a later date, and there’s nothing else to do at home anyway.

Well, let me tell you, it sucks to get onto an (emptier) train and know that while you’re on your way to work, other people are still sleeping off the beers and food coma at home. And when you come in to an empty office? You’ll feel even worse.

4. Not Giving Smart Ass Remarks to Your Irritating Aunty

It’s deeply ingrained in you to respect your older relatives, no matter whether they deserve it or not. That doesn’t mean you won’t stew in anger over remarks they made at your grandmother’s house.

You wish you had given some smart ass remark you learnt on Facebook and watch their face turn purple. Too bad you didn’t.

5. Buying Too Much Bak Kwa

Bak Kwa is expensive, make no mistake. And you know how Singaporeans get, right? We’re afraid to lose, so if there’s a surplus of bak kwa left over, your mother will cook you a bak kwa feast, when you want it or not.

You know you’ve reached a whole new level when your dinner consists of veggie with bak kwa, steamed egg with bak kwa, sometimes even gu lou yok (sweet and sour pork) with, you guessed it, bak kwa.

6. Not Buying Bak Kwa Two Weeks Before CNY

Yes, CNY might be over but the pain from paying more for something lingers. Savvy CNY-ers will buy bak kwa a couple of weeks before CNY before the prices are jacked up. If you are one of the few who, for whatever reason, only bought bak kwa nearer to CNY, chances are you’re still in pain.

7. Giving Too Much Ang Bao Money

Let’s face it, there’re lots of ang bao rates out there on the market and the prices listed are frankly, pretty sky high. Am I the only one who’s paiseh when I see the rates? The only rate I keep by, or at least for those who gives ang bao, is how much you receive (or your kid, to be exact) in return.

Let me tell you, giving out a $20 ang bao only to take back a $8 ang bao hurts. It hurt so bad your favourite family member might just become one of the least favourite. #MoneyTalkHurtRelationships

8. Not Getting Enough Sleep

It’s ironic, yes, I know. CNY is a long weekend and there’s nothing to do other than house visiting, so you’ll assume there’s plenty of chances to sleep, right? Not true.

On CNY eve, you’ll be trying to stay awake as long as possible. On the first day, you decide to sleep late and watch dramas or play games because the next day’s a holiday too!

Before you know it, you’re back to work and sleep-deprived to boot.

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