8 Experiences You Should Try Before You Hit 30 To Make The Best Of Your Youth

We all always hear things people say that you should ‘do while you are still young’. But what exactly encompasses those things? We don’t exactly have a guideline on what is right or wrong, but we can, though, give you a list of things you can do if you’re still in your 20s so that you can make the best use of your time while you still can. 

But for those who are already in your 30s and have not done either one or some of them, well, you still have the time to do so. No one will ever judge or tell you that it is too late!

1. Go clubbing

Yes. Go clubbing. I mean, even if you are not one who loves loud music or to squeeze in crowds, you should at least go to the club once to prove to yourself how much you hate it. I mean, it’s all just an experience, right? 

And for girls, when best to do so than on TGIW when admission for ladies is free? Other than Zouk, there are still a ton of other clubs for you to explore!

2. Try Tinder if you’re single

Yup, that’s right. We are not asking you to go on Tinder to hook up with someone. But just to experience how it feels like to strike a conversation with a complete stranger and how things might turn out for you. For all you now, you might really meet a soulmate! 

3. Travel alone

Yup, travel alone. Even if it’s to a nearby Asian country or to Europe, travel alone while you still can. Just screw work for a few days or a week, and just explore places on your own. It’s also the best way for you to get comfortable and know yourself better!

4. Indulge yourself in luxury at least once

Yup, buy something expensive for yourself and pay for it using your savings. I’m not asking you to empty your savings, but just splurge a little! Then, you’ll know how it truly feels when you pamper and love yourself with gifts. Trust me, it’ll feel even better than when someone gifts you something expensive! 

5. Pull an all-nighter with your friends or loved ones

Go for a sleepover or a stay-cation and just spend the night talking or watching movies till dawn. Granted, people will be telling you that you’re trying to kill your own body doing this, but honestly, it doesn’t hurt if you do it once in a while. 

You’re still young, and your body can still take it. It’s all about the experience.

6. Attend a music festival / dance party

Regardless if it’s Laneway or the Sentosa beach party, everyone should visit a dance party once in their lives and have the chance to rave all night long. I mean, even if it’s not your thing, it’s fun to see how others do it too! 

7. Be the first person to apologize.

It’s hard to admit when you are wrong when quarreling with someone. Heck, you might even find it insane to apologise when someone steps on your toes when you have done nothing to them. But it’s usually for the greater good.

People will respect you more if you can admit fault and they will be less likely to hold it against you. Plus, everyone is fighting their own battles, so your apology might mean more to them than you know it. 

8. Cook something for your friends

Even if you can’t cook for nuts. Else, just bake something easy that doesn’t require an oven! It’s another way for you to do something nice for your friends, and nothing better than doing it through the stomach! 

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