8 Facts About McGriddles, The Burger That’s Now Back In McDonald’s S’pore As An All-Day Meal

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Previously, McDonald’s did a cute (not really) swap with their McGriddles. The betrayal is real, the wound fresh, like really.

Lest you’ve no idea what I’m talking about, read this first: McD’s McGriddles Kena Substituted With Sausage McMuffin with Egg Without Announcement

Image: daykung / Shutterstock.com & McDonald’s

But don’t worry because it’s now back. And as an all-day meal some more.

Here are 8 facts about McGriddles that’ll make your saliva drip even more.

1. It Absolutely Lived Up To Its Hype

My colleague got to eat and review this ‘coz he won in scissors-paper-stone

We’ve already reviewed it before, but with every bite, you enjoy a rich combination of delightful flavours.

A thick, juicy sausage patty tantalizingly enveloped by fluffy, eggy (*this might not be a word) goodness and warm, golden melted cheese. All lovingly embraced by 2 sinfully delicious maple-syrup infused pancakes.

TLDR; SHIOK LAH (inserts heart eyes emoji).

Image: pinterest.com

And we totally loved McDonald’s Singapore for bringing the all-star player back.

Until they removed it quietly. So quietly that people ordered McGriddles only to get McMuffins in their letterboxYes, you fat boss, I’m looking at ya.

2. The person who invented McGriddles invented stuffed crust pizza

McGriddles was invented in 2003, years before the whole sweet and savoury craze even began (like the fried chicken and waffles craze a few years ago). It was created by a dude called Tom Ryan.

Coincidentally, he was also the founder of the genius invention that is stuffed crust pizza at Pizza Hut.


3. There are actually 3 different versions of the McGriddles

There’s actually not just one, but three variations of McGriddles that are available worldwide (well, except in Singapore, boooooooo). Other than the sausage, egg and cheese variation, which is what we have (sorry, HAD) in Singapore.


There’s also the sausage variation.

Image: McDonald’s

And the bacon, egg and cheese variation that is wildly popular overseas.

Image: Kotaku

Hearsay the bacon, egg and cheese one is the king of them all la, but aiya, we’ll leave that for you loyal fans out there to decide.


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4. McGriddles was king of breakfast sandwiches

It was awarded the title of “Best Breakfast Sandwich” by Business Insider and was so loved in Singapore, it even earned its own petition movement in 2015.

Image: gopetition.com

#priorities #theyearofchangeandprogress #burgersdeserverightstoo

5. The M on the burger stands for McDonald’s, and it’s the only burger to have that

Image: dailymail.co.uk

Ikr, big surprise there, but no other burger in Macs have that signature M, making McGriddles completely unique and special to the Macdonalds breakfast menu


In other words, it’s the chosen one.

(Anyone thought it stands for…Mos Burger?)

6. Pancake buns with specially engineered syrup crystals

I love pancakes. Ok that is not one of the 10 facts about McGriddles, BUT it’s linked to this next interesting little tidbit.

What gives the beautiful McGriddles buns that sweet sugary goodness we all crave and love is the specially engineered syrup crystals that are sprinkled generously throughout them pancake buns.

These babies melt at a fixed temperature and they’re what make us salivate as we chow down on the mouthwateringly delicious pancake buns.


7. McGriddles is actually a limited edition item…worldwide

It’s more limited edition than the limited edition at Louis Vuitton/Prada/Gucci.

Like unicorn spotting, McGriddles can only be ordered in just 10 countries around the world (with just three of them being in Asia: Singapore, Japan, and the Philippines), and always for a limited time only (like in Singapore sigh triggered again la).

Image: wikia.com (not the one we have in Singapore. Sorry I mean we HAD)

Still hoping McDonald’s will pull a Game of Thrones revamp, starring McGriddles as Jon Snow.

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Image: koogle.tv (Image is for illustration purpose only)

8. The standard version of McGriddles isn’t S’pore’s version

The standard version of McGriddles is actually not the sausage McGriddle, which is what we Singaporeans have sworn by our whole life. Instead, it’s the version that is bacon, egg and cheese.

Image: knowyourmeme.org

This is where FOMO gets real and I feel like I’ve been missing out because I’ve not tried the ‘original’ version of McGriddles.

But, you can try the super famous Bacon, egg and cheese McGriddles at…*drum roll please*…Japan!


Image: mcdonalds.co.jp

Seriously, why visit Japan for its cherry blossoms and Mount Fuji when you can do so for a far better reason – to try the fantabulously smexy variation of Mcgriddles with bacon, egg and cheese?!

Nike once said: “Just do it.”.

Don’t say bojio.

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