8 Facts About the Sexual Harassment Accusations Against YouTuber Eden Ang

Last Updated on 2020-02-20 , 8:54 am

The hottest topic of 2018 right now besides the GST hike is probably Eden Ang.

Eden Ang
Image: Eden Ang Facebook Page

Eden Ang is well-known for appearing in the videos of popular Youtube channel, wah!banana. He also appeared in a Mediacorp English Production, Tanglin, which airs on Channel 5.

Now he’s well-known for one more thing: being a pervert, allegedly.

Girls, as in plural, have stepped forward and accused Ang of sexually harassing them.

Here are 8 facts about Youtuber Eden Ang Sexual Harassment saga you got to know.

1. How it all started

On 25 Jan 2018, Kuroe Kun uploaded a post on to her Facebook account accusing Ang of sexual harassment.

She claimed that Ang had asked her friend to strip down to her underwear and threatened to spank her if she hasn’t by the time he’s back.

The victim complied out of fear and he allegedly touched her inappropriately.

In the same Facebook post which was already taken down, Kun stated that the victim allegedly knew other girls who were harassed by Eden Ang.

2. Facebook Post Claimed Police Turned The Girl Away

The Facebook post also claimed that the victim went to the police to lodge a report, only to be turned away.

Image: mothership.sg

Not only that, the post alleges that the victim was blamed for being harassed. The IO allegedly told the victim that it was her fault for dressing like that.

As expected, shit hits the fan and netizens rose up in anger.

But as it turned out, that wasn’t exactly what happened.

3. SPF Says Girl Was Not Turned Away, Left By Herself

Turning a person in need away is a serious accusation, so naturally, the SPF has to do a thorough investigation.

And they released their findings in a Facebook post.

Here’s the TL; DR if you’re too lazy to read:

  • Kuroe Kun made false allegations against SPF
  • Investigating Officer (IO) from Clementi Police Division did not turn the girl away or made any insensitive remarks
  • It was the girl herself who requested for more time to consider about lodging a report
  • At the time of their post, they had tried to reach out to the girl but she has not come forward to make a police report against Ang
  • The SPF reiterate their seriousness to complaints and feedback, and will not hesitate to punish their own officers if found to be true
  • If found untrue and malicious, they will take action according to the law

Following their post, Kuroe Kun took down her Facebook post.

4. Alleged victim didn’t speak up because of fear

Image: Lilith Instagram

On 30 Jan, the victim in the incident finally spoke up.

She introduced herself as Lilith and said that she didn’t speak up before because she was afraid.

She was terrified that speaking up would compromise her safety, her dignity, and affect her relationship with her family and friends.

5. Alleged victim herself came forward and said the SPF didn’t do anything wrong

In the same Instagram post, the alleged victim also clarified that there were several “discrepancies” in her friend’s (Kuroe Kun’s) Facebook post regarding the police treatment.

However, she affirmed that Ang did sexually harass her.

6. Eden Ang asked victim to call him “Daddy” and forces her to wear a G-string

Netizens were divided, with some believing Eden Ang and some doubting him.

Dee Kosh, local radio deejay and Youtuber talked about the Eden Ang sexual harassment saga on his Instagram account and uploaded it to YouTube.

Here’s a TL; DR of the video if you’re too lazy to watch:

The girl was 18 years old, and she was Ang’s personal assistance.

A summary of the Whatsapp exchange before the alleged sexual harassment according to him (together with screengrabs from his video):

  • Ang told her to “cover up to look more professional” on a Tuesday, and to dress differently on Wednesday
  • She said she will dress professionally on both days, to which Ang said, “good girls should listen to daddy” and “you should call me that, actually”
  • She replied that he wasn’t her daddy, only for him to reply, “Cute”
  • She had also requested for Ang not to touch her in the text, but his reply was a “yoooooou wish mei mei”.
  • And she emphasised that she has a boyfriend.

On the day of the alleged sexual harassment, the girl missed a shoot and Ang made her clean his filming equipment as punishment.

And he allegedly asked her to wear a g-string to work.

She listened to him despite expressing her reluctance in the Whatsapp exchange.

She claimed that Ang demanded that she takes off her shorts, which she did. After which, Ang allegedly touched her ass.

7. Eden Ang made police report, seeks legal advice against malicious parties

Shortly after Dee Kosh uploaded his video about the saga, Ang responded on his Facebook page.

Eden Ang claimed to have made a police report and trust in Singapore’s legal system. He went on to say that he is fully cooperating with the authorities in the investigation.

Then he went on to post a lengthier post on his Facebook page.

Here’s the TL; DR if you don’t feel like wading through an essay:

  • The last 48 hours was incredibly trying for him
  • He wrote the post because people told him remaining silent might be a confession in itself
  • He did not take advantage of anyone and he has the evidence to back himself up
  • He won’t be sharing these evidence out of respect for people’s privacy
  • While the investigation is ongoing, he will be seeking legal counsel against malicious people aggravating the situation
  • Sexual harassment is a serious thing and he encourages people to step forward and talk about it

8. Two other girls have stepped forward with their own alleged sexual harassment with Eden Ang

On 26 Feb, Rice Media ran a story on Eden Ang and his alleged sexual harassment.

A girl named Dawn (not her real name) had lodged an official police report on 23 Feb, accusing Ang of sexually assaulting her back in 2015.

Initially, things were kept professional between them but over time, Ang made “boyfriend like” advances and touched her inappropriately.

She was forced into having intercourse with him and he took photos of her without clothes.

Another girl, Sheryl (again, not her real name) claimed that she was harassed by Ang in that same year.

She was a model and Ang was a photographer looking to work for models. When they were working together, Ang allegedly forced her to do things out of her comfort zone.

Eden Ang allegedly sent inappropriate messages via Whatsapp to her as well.

Eden Ang whatsapp
Image: ricemedia.co

Eden Ang allegedly continued trying to ask her to “meet and chill” after the shoot but she refused.

You can read their full article here.

So, what do you think of the entire thing so far?