8 Fun Activities to Participate in While Traveling to Make It More Fulfilling


Travelling in itself is an amazing experience. But for the fortunate ones who are able to spare the time and money to travel for an extended period, you may want to plan certain activities in your travel schedule, aside from the usual touristy things that may start to get mundane after a month or more of travelling.

After speaking to travellers I have met while backpacking around Europe, here are some of the amazing activities they are doing that inspired me to schedule some more fulfilling plans – the kind that allows you to experience more and even challenge yourself more.

1. Surf camps


Surfing offers a great thrill and an off-the-charts amount of excitement and exercise for anyone. Even if you’re a newbie – it really doesn’t matter. Join a surf camp, meet amazing like-minded people and enjoy being close to nature and clear waters.

Portugal is one of the world’s most consistent surf destinations – the beautiful and vibrant country offers the highest number of surf camps for the eager surfer. However, you may also want to explore other options in Brazil, Chile, Spain, and Indonesia (that’s closer to home) for smaller-scale, family-run type of surf camps.

2. Yoga camps


Practising or learning yoga is a fantastic treat to your mind, body and soul when you’re travelling or when you simply need a break away from your usual busy lifestyle.

Popular countries for yoga camps are Indonesia (especially Bali, of course), Portugal, India and Thailand. Aim for zen and relaxation. Throw away your worries, even just for a bit, and treat yourself to a much-needed yoga camp for just a couple of a hundred dollars, depending on the duration.

3. Remote work


If you’re someone who cannot sit still, and wants to do something productive (in a sense, to earn money) – then remote work may do the job for you (notice the pun?).

Remote work may honestly become a thing of the future – with everything running online and the influence of social media; real work may soon all be moved online. You may have come across Remoteyear; a program where digital nomads work and travel for a whole year together – what a dream right?

There are also many great websites for one to find remote jobs online, and workingnomads.co is just one of them. Working and earning some cash as you’re travelling surely does not sound like a bad idea, isn’t it?

4. Social gatherings like Rainbow Gathering


I have never heard of a Rainbow gathering in my life – until I met a fellow traveller who was from Israel and heard about this amazing program from her. Basically, a Rainbow gathering is a social gathering that champions love and peace, wishing to unite all like-minded people to come together and camp, learn, and chill together. This is very much like a hippie movement (something like modern Woodstock, but minus the festival-

Basically, a Rainbow gathering is a social gathering that champions love and peace, wishing to unite all like-minded people to come together and camp, learn, and chill together. This is very much like a hippie movement (something like modern Woodstock, but minus the festival-esque programs).

Of course, this may not be for everybody as it is may be too much, or even weird for some. However, if you’re up to meet people and do something you’ll never do as a Singaporean (like travel miles to a hippie camp), take the chance and go for it!

The next Rainbow gathering is happening in the Swiss Alps from Aug 2 to Sept 1.

 5. Teaching English


I have met some Aussies and Americans who are travelling and teaching English for 1-2 weeks time at the cities they are visiting. During this time, they are given a salary, and housing – which is pretty nice as you get to meet and interact with local kids, teach them something valuable, and earn a bit of keep yourself.

6. Informal language exchange


As you are travelling in different cities around the world, you might want to also meet locals – and the best way for that is to initiate an informal language exchange session over coffee or drinks.

This is a very popular method to befriend locals, as some of them also often wish to learn English from you. You can find many of these language exchange websites online, and contact the people from respective countries to meet up over a cuppa and start chatting!

 7. Working at hostels


This is another popular option for many travellers. Big, chain hostels may not accept just anyone to work in their hostels (due to visa restrictions and basically the legitimacy of it all), but if you try for smaller, even family-fun hostels, you may be able to get a slot.

Work for a small keep, or for housing and food, and extend your travels! At the same time, working at a hostel has countless perks – you get to meet fellow travellers and perhaps even become friends for a long time. Be sure to keep their contact so you can visit them over at their countries!

8. Formal language programs


Now, this is not you teaching anything but learning something in a structured program designed for you to learn any language in the shortest possible time.


I have met many travellers who travel around Europe to enter the university programs to learn languages like German, Spanish and French for a dedicated amount of time, 5 days a week.

This is a perfect way to make the most out of your extended time travelling as you bring home an invaluable skill that is likely to stick with you for a long time (as long as you keep up with practising it, of course). This is fantastic idea for those who have time on their hands and solid finances while travelling.

Languages bring you closer to any culture – and by learning it, you will truly immerse yourself in the country that you are in, and understand it on a deeper level than any regular tourist ever will.

This article was first published on Goodyfeed.com