8 HDB Flats in Woodlands That Will Wow You And Make You Want to Live There Forever


Last Updated on 2017-06-28 , 12:15 pm

With property prices warming up, more young Singaporeans are opting to live further away from the city making new suburban towns like Woodlands quickly rising as the next best address.

For obvious reasons of course – Woodlands offers homes at more affordable prices, a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life, and is fairly close-by to the Woodlands Checkpoint ⎯ JB shopping!

Thinking of making Woodlands your home? Well these beautiful Woodlands homes will definitely wow you with their creative and stunning interior designs.

1. If there is one look that works all the time, it’s the Scandinavian theme with its woody accents. Wood is a major showcase in almost every corner of this four-room HDB flat in Woodlands ⎯ from floor, furniture, to wall. When going for this Nordic feel, keep to clean lines, earthy colours (or white ⎯ it always works), and use natural textures like wood grains to add depth.

Interior Designer: Rezt & Relax Interior
Location: Woodlands
Cost of renovation: $46,000

2. Looking at the pictures, you probably won’t believe that the renovation of this four-room HDB flat cost just $25,000! This Woodlands homeowner went with a simple yet eclectic style that balances intricate patterns with oversized shapes like graphic prints set on a white canvas.


Interior Designer: M3 Studio
Location: Woodlands
Cost of renovation: $25,000

3. White really does open up your home. And to soften the whitish five-room HDB flat in Woodlands Crescent, the owner used wood as a foil, from floor to laminate. He also created modular storage systems that can be easily modified in the future.

Interior Designer: Ascenders Design Studio
Location: Woodlands Crescent
Cost of renovation: $25,000

4. Don’t you love how the industrial style design gives this Woodlands’ HDB maisonette a raw, designer appeal? Using dark colours against white gives it a modern edge, while sleek lines makes it feel open and uncluttered.

Interior Designer: Voila
Location: Woodlands Masionette
Cost of renovation: $30,000

5. Texture and form, rather than colour, give this HDB flat in Woodlands its appeal. Marbling cement screed walls enliven the dark timbre and sleek, shiny appliances that deck the living room. An open kitchen concept results in a larger, more inclusive space in petite flats.

Interior Designer: LU+C Studio
Location: Woodlands
Cost of renovation: $60,000

6. The English Tudor style makes this HDB flat’s kitchen one of the most impressive we have ever seen. The use of dark shades of smoked oak wood lends the space a designer vibe that sets it apart from mass-produced white laminate versions.

Interior Designer: Fatema Design Studio
Location: Woodlands Street 41
Cost of renovation: $43,000

7. Colour is subdued in this four-room HDB flat to let the red brick wall, which adds to a loft feel, takes centre stage. Chalkboard features are erected on the walls of the dining area and kitchen to encourage doodling and for a slightly grungy vibe.

Interior Designer: Urban Habitat Design
Location: Woodlands Block 886C
Cost of renovation: $25,000

8. Check out the use of different tiles in various parts of the house. Even the bathroom is true to form: China-blue Moorish tiles continue the graphic theme and together with the wood-inspired tiles, gives the most-visited room a modern touch.

Interior Designer: Ace Space Design
Location: Woodlands Street 82
Cost of renovation: $70,000

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