8 Hyper Trending Things in the 90s That Today’s Kids Will Catch No Ball


Last Updated on 2022-08-26 , 9:49 pm

Singapore is a country whereby hype comes and goes quickly. Most of us have done at least one of these before – because HYPE.

With new trends coming into Singapore faster than the roller coaster at USS, we try our best to catch up with trends.

Here are 8 hypes that were so popular back in their days but has since died a miserable death.

Or so we thought.

Hanging out at Cineleisure

Image: MSNews

Known as “Scene kids,” or what you know as “Hipsters”, they would always hang out at Cineleisure every TGIF and weekends. They seem to know everyone in town, and everyone is their friend. They’ll just be like “Hey y’all!” when they see someone they know and go up close to give them a bear hug. Do it now and you’ll be Stomped.

LV tote bag

Image: Carousell

There was the trend of the LV tote bag. Every girl had one or wanted one. The bag was simply widely used by females of all ages, from 16 to 50. We don’t know how this hype started, nor do we really get how beautiful this bag is. But the trend has died now since then, I’m guessing that bag has not much of a value now. Oh well. Or maybe it’s just me.


Crumpler bag

Image: Carousell

This is for the guys: most of them would have owned one. It was a versatile bag in the past and they could use it for almost all occasions – for school, work, and going out on dates or gym. Even if you didn’t have to bring anything out, you’d still carry it out with nothing inside, just to be cool.

Zinc sling bags

Image: Carousell

This should be the trendiest sling bag back then. It was unisex and so “chio” that time, every teenager would have one. In the past, Zinc wasn’t just an element in the periodic table. It was a symbol.


Image: Canon Global

That period of time when everyone was miraculously a professional photographer. Those who had the money would definitely purchase a DSLR, bring it around for café hopping and visiting Instagram-able places to take photoshoots of their friends and themselves. We are all talented in photography, aren’t we?


Image: National Geographic

Crocs were so popular back then, some would even own several pairs of different colours. The once hype trend is now considered super ugly and if you used to own one, you probably would have secretly burned it to hide the fact that you owned one. No? Just me or what?

Garrett Popcorn

Image: SHOPSinSG

Salted caramel popcorn used to be a thing when everyone loved to hang out at town. It was the “in” food and people would mock at you if you haven’t even tasted it before. But now that the hype is gone, it just looks tragic. And expensive.


Image: Facebook (Leonardo Ng)

Rochor dao huey, Laoban and 51 Bean curd are a few names that used to be trendy. Youths would gather and have supper at these places or buy lots of it home.

Royce chocolate

Image: Royce Singapore

Royce chocolate was the best hype when it first opened in town. The long queues back then proved it all. People would get these boxes as gifts for friends and family, or simply buy some boxes to Instagram themselves with. Even though it still exists now, it’s not as popular as before.

Feature Image: National Geographic / Carousell

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