In Just 3 Days, $8 Million of CDC Vouchers Have Been Spent in Singapore


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware that every Singaporean household is eligible to receive $500 in vouchers this year. 

Half of this amount can be used at participating supermarkets, while the other half is valid at participating hawkers and neighbourhood merchants. 

This initiative is part of the government’s ongoing commitment to assist Singaporeans in coping with the rising cost of living. It will benefit 1.27 million Singaporean households and will have a total cost of $635 million.

8 Million Dollars’ Worth of CDC Vouchers Have Been Spent in Singapore So Far

In just the first week of the new year, $8 million worth of CDC vouchers have already been spent at participating heartland merchants, hawkers, and supermarkets. 

This information was shared by Ms Low Yen Ling, Mayor of the South West District and chairwoman of the mayors’ committee, in a Facebook post on Friday (5 January 2024).

She said: “We hope these CDC vouchers will come in handy to help residents defray daily expenses and inject additional boost to businesses, especially during the festive period and the start of the school year.”

She shared that more than 750,000 Singaporean households, which is about 60% of the 1.27 million households in Singapore, have already claimed their $500 CDC Vouchers.

“The $500 is the highest amount given out in this 4th tranche, as part of the government’s continuing efforts to help residents with the cost of living.”

Supermarkets Are Giving Out Return Vouchers or Freebies If You Use Your CDC Vouchers

In addition, several participating supermarkets have introduced return vouchers and enticing deals for customers who meet a minimum spending threshold when using CDC vouchers for each transaction. 

Starting on 3 January 2024, at least four of the eight participating supermarket chains have rolled out these offers.

These participating supermarket chains include FairPrice Group, U Stars Supermarket, and DFI Retail Group (which operates Cold Storage, CS Fresh, and Jasons Deli).

They offer vouchers for a minimum CDC voucher spend, each with varying claim and usage periods, based on their specific terms and conditions.

Giant, also under DFI Retail Group, offers customers who spend $100 worth of vouchers from 3 to 7 January 2024 a chance to redeem a 2.5kg bag of rice. This means you can receive a month’s worth of carbohydrates free of charge.

To acquire the CDC vouchers, individuals can digitally claim them here.

These vouchers can be utilised at over 23,600 participating heartland merchants, hawkers, and 415 supermarket outlets located islandwide.


The eight supermarket chains that accept CDC vouchers are Ang Mo Supermarket, Cold Storage, FairPrice, Giant, Hao Mart, Prime, Sheng Siong, and U Stars, which collectively operate 415 outlets throughout Singapore.