8 Nostalgic PC Games S’poreans Used to Play Every Night Before Smartphones Took Over


Last Updated on 2022-03-27 , 8:54 pm

Are you part of those days when everyone was still gaming on their computers? Well, although I’m not much of a gamer, I remember some games that were universally played by everyone.

While kids these days play games using apps such as Clash of Clans and the like, we used to be on Maplestory and Auditionsea after lessons ended. Those games were totally the rage then!

1. Maplestory

Well, this game is now trending again due to its overdue app. It is basically multiplayer role-playing game where you create a character and interact with other players.

You can trade, chat and even play mini-games. Those days when you get together with all your friends and try to defeat the enemies and marrying people was also a thing! And many people got attached in real life because of the game too.

I wonder if the app is going to have the same effect #justsaying

2. AuditionSEA

Basically, this is Dance Dance Revolution using fingers. Everyone transformed into keyboard warriors, furiously tapping away on the keys, trying to beat the music. If you describe this to the youngsters now, they will give you the confused expression.

3. Habbo Hotel

This is a game which acts more like a social networking service before rampant social media sites appeared. It allows you to interact with other players and organise parties, chat with others and complete quests.

If you ask kids these days, I think they will say this is too boring for them.

4. Neopets

Back when all kids wanted pets but couldn’t or got a few measly goldfishes instead of a puppy, they’ll turn to Neopets.

Well, this is probably the cutest one of all the games listed here. The world of raising virtual pets and the best part? Your pet will never die! They will get so hungry or sick but they will never die.

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5. RuneScape

Every player has to master a set of skills and how to combat, then to complete quests as well. Similar to the popular games of that time, players can interact with one another by chatting or playing minigames.

6. Gunbound

Before we had mobile games like the frog eating the sweet that combines fun and simple physics, we had Gunbound. All pros use the boomer(ang) machine and you got to take into account the wind speed when you shoot, just like snipers.

Today, the game is so rampant with hackers kids don’t understand why we loved the game so much.

7. Little Fighter 2

Made by Marti Wong and Starsky Wong, when it was launched. It won the hearts of the kids as far as PC fighting games are concerned. During its heyday, whenever we see one or more kids mashing their keyboards like a madman, they are most probably duelling it out on LF. With stage, versus, survival and championship mode, we can spend hours in it and not get bored. Each character has their own special skill you can adopt to murder the enemies led by Julian while using those items falling out from the sky.

If you get tired of using the characters, just lf2.net during the loading screen, and ta-da! Julian, Firezen and a lot of other characters unlocked.


And if you want more items, abuse the F8 button like you have never abused it before. Admit it. How any of you are guilty of this?

8. All Miniclip Games

Miniclip.com. The ultimate and most popular website for all Singaporeans to play flash games on when they are kids. Not only are the games fun, the website itself is damn easy to access.  All you have to do is enter the website’s name and voila! Game time! This website had entertained countless Singaporeans throughout the years and it is certainly a childhood memory for most of us.

In addition, there are some popular games among Singaporeans when they were young that actually came from Miniclip itself, such as the legendary Club Penguin.

So if you’re a 90’s kid, you’d definitely remember some of them from the list.