8 Places That Students Can Work Part-Time At To Save Some Cash During School Term


We burn our holidays trying to work as much as possible to earn as much cash as possible, but when school term starts, we see our bank depleting to a pathetic amount.

And let’s face you’re your monthly allowance is almost never enough to survive the entire month. With all the extra curriculum and projects that require you to stay back after school, lasting $10 a day is nearly impossible.

But working full time is not an option either, so here we bring you 8 places that you students can consider working during your school term.

1.The Editor’s Market


Working in retail is one of the more common options for students to work at during school term. And The Editor’s Market is just one of the many retail outlets to work at. Plus most retail stores offer discounts to their workers, which is a total perk.

2. Boost


Known for having extremely flexible hours, Boost is perfect for those looking to clock in a few hours per week.

I’ve worked here throughout my poly life and have never regretted my choice. While most places require you to work a certain number of hours, Boost doesn’t. You’re even able to take a break during your finals and be welcomed back after you’re done.

3. Urban Ski


With four seasons of summer, the closest thing you can get to winter is working at places like Urban Ski. If you crave traveling and adventure, this place would be perfect for you to ease your heart till the day you get to fly.

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4. Starbucks


Many of my friends worked at Starbucks during their schooling days. And come on, being a barista is pretty darn cool and not to mention, a useful skill to have.

If you’re looking to study overseas, being a barista would be great as a part time job as you might be working in the country you’re going to study in. In which, every country needs a barista.

5. Freelance Jobs


Not trying to promote this company because it’s awesome enough, but this is an extremely great option for those who love working from home. If you’re great in writing or creating incredible art pieces, send your resume to companies you’ve always been eyeing and request to be their freelancers.

Freelancing gives you space and time to complete your work within your own time frame, and frankly, I wished I’ve thought of that during my schooling days.


6. Grab/Uber


With private cars becoming more popular these days, I know of many University students hopping onto the bandwagon. For those with a car, you’ve got nothing to lose. You can even drive during breaks between class to earn some extra cash.

It beats lazing around in a nearby café. And for those without a car, rent one from the company! You’d just have to drive for three hours of so and your rental fee is solved.

7. Events

As most events are held during the weekends, it’s perfect for students who have classes during the weekday. Their rate per hour is pretty high as well, so instead of working 4 times per week, you can simply work during the weekends and earn the same amount of cash.

8. Tuition teacher


If you excel in a certain subject, being a tuition teacher is something you can look into. One class is about an hour to two, which doesn’t take much time away from studying or hanging out you’re your friends. And if you have multiple students, you will be easily earning $400 or more per month.

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