8 Places to Hold a Wedding Banquet in S’pore for Under $1K Per Table (Updated for 2018)


Last Updated on 2018-05-28 , 5:58 pm

Once again, I have no idea why my editor is making me write this topic as I’m not planning to hold a wedding banquet in the future.

Image: memegenerator.net

Oh just calm down, would ya? My girlfriend and I have no plans to hold a banquet and our parents are indifferent to it.

And like I’ve been saying, I’m a really lazy person. I mean, I’ll probably be one of the many people contributing to the “top 10 things millennials are killing today” list.

Yeah, maybe I’ll write that article one of these days.

Anyway, for those of you who are adamant about holding a wedding banquet be it willingly or due to incessant pressure from family members, we’ve compiled a list of places you can hold your wedding banquet for below $1K per table.

(Disclaimer: Prices are accurate at the time of writing. Besides, you should probably still email them and ask for a quotation just to be safe)

1. Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant ($500++)

Let’s start the list with a place most of us know of, shall we? Smacked right in the middle of Bukit Timah is Turf City, home to Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant.

Image: ahyatrestaurant.com.sg

As the name suggests, Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant specializes in seafood and I have to say that the food there is pretty good— at least, for few times I went there for dinner!

Well, I’ve never actually attended a wedding banquet there before though. Let’s hope that the food offered at their wedding banquet is equally good.

Address: 200 Turf Club Road #03-01/02 Main Grandstand Turf City

2. Blossom Garden Restaurant ($698++)

Alright, this restaurant is on the list because my editor held his wedding banquet there and he was really impressed with their quality of service.

Oh and, the roasted crispy chicken there is pretty memorable! So much so that one of my colleagues still remembers the dish up till this day! For those of you who are interested, here’s their price list:


And for the newbies who don’t know what to do during a wedding, my editor claims that they simply guided him through the event.

Address: 2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7, S659003 Hometeam NS

3. Tung Luk Seafood ($500++)

Well, this one came as a surprise to me. Considering how it’s located in Orchard and all, I kinda expected each table to cost at least $1000. But hey, life is full of surprises and this here is one of the pleasant ones!


And here’s the price list for those of you who are interested! Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m tempted to bring my family there for dinner one of these days!

Oh, and here’s the link to their page so you can view the wedding menu for yourself! You’re welcome!

Address: 181, Orchard Road #11-05

4. Ban Heng Pavilion ($500++)

And here we have another restaurant that’s kind to your wallet, Ban Heng Pavilion. At $500++ per table, you can be sure that there wouldn’t be a hole in your pocket after all’s said and done!


Oh and, I find it interesting how they have so many different packages at different price range. That’s a pretty great way to cater to different people! (Or a way to convince you to show your endless love for your partner)

Address: HarbourFront Centre #04-01 1 Maritime Square

5. Fu Lin Men Grand Banquet ($600++)

Fu Lin Men is a great choice for your wedding banquet if you want your wedding to sound really auspicious(hint hint, apple-polish). That aside, if this here is what you hope your wedding banquet to be like, look no further!


Once again, here’s a link to their website since there are so many different packages to choose from!

And I really like how they simply list out what’s included in the package. This is going to save the couples some trouble!

Address: 12 Queen Street, #02-01 Hotel Royal @ Queens

6.  Genting Hotel Jurong ($700++)


Truth be told, this is the first time I’ve heard of a Genting Hotel Jurong despite being a Westie for so many years.

And well, what do we know. It actually looks pretty great! If one of my friends were to hold his/her wedding banquet here in the future, this might be the very first time I’m attending a wedding banquet in the west!


There are various packages for you to choose from! Have a look:

I’m just gonna put the link to their website here, in case anyone needs it!

7. Lijiang Restaurant by Yunnan ($500++)

When I was going through the list of restaurants, I managed to find Lijiang Restaurant—and I have a feeling I’ve been there before. Well, considering the number of weddings I’ve been to the past few years, I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve really been there.

Might explain why I don’t wanna plan a wedding(lazy lazy lazy). Still, if the food looks good enough like what I’m seeing right now, I don’t see why I shouldn’t go to their restaurant just for the food!

And here’s the link to their wedding packages!

Address: 21 Jurong Town Hall Road Omni Theatre Building Singapore 609433

8. Orchid Country Club ($800++)

Oh great. Just when I thought that 6 different wedding packages were overkill, I chanced upon Orchid Country Club’s wedding packages(Hey, not that it’s a bad thing though).

Still, more packages would mean more choices for the couples! Have a look at their packages right here!

Truth be told, if Orchid Country Club isn’t located in such an Ulu location, I’m sure it’ll cost at least twice the price for you to hold a wedding dinner there!

I mean, have you seen the place?

The location might be inconvenient, but if I were ever to hold a wedding banquet—I think I know which place to choose!

Address: 1 Orchid Club Road Singapore 769162

Well, and that’s all for today, folks! Although I don’t plan on holding a wedding banquet, I hope this article would prove useful for some of you!

(Hmm, perhaps I should work on the millennial article now…)

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