8 real reasons why the back seats of a bus is the best seats ever

Many people think that taking the back seats of a bus is never a good thing. Here are some reasons that will make you rush to take the back seats of the bus.

You can feel like the main lead of a movie
Ever watched dramas or movies where the main lead is lovesick and missing their lover? Now you can have one of those emo moments for yourself! Simply plug in your earphones, play some dramatic and sad music and look out of the window. I personally recommend songs like Tell Me Goodbye by BigBang. (Am I hearing those squeals from the fangirls?) For an added effect, maybe you could also put your palm against the window but I highly recommend you not to do that because dirty lah.

You get privacy
You won’t have people trying to peep over at your phone. If you’re having a bad day and just want some personal space, the back seats are the best. Anyway, you can take selfies without feeling shame or fear that others might be judging you. The best part- the sunlight that you can get from the back rear seat windows constitutes as good lighting, making your face more radiant. That’s the real deal man.

You can eat and drink secretly
Though this is prohibited but aren’t Singaporeans the best at bending rules? I mean sometimes it’s okay to do it occasionally. I’m not asking you to dabao McDonalds and start chomping on a Big Mac right in the bus. Maybe something smaller or rather safer, like bread, sweets, bottled drinks. Sometimes we’re just rushing for time and just want to make use of time efficiently, which in this case is to eat on the go. Of course, make sure to siam the CCTV and the mirror at the front of the buses.

There’s no need for earpiece 
Forgot your earphones? No worries, just head to the back. You can just switch on the audio for your movies, dramas, games, etc. But still, don’t set it to maximum unless you want people to stare and look in your way.

Beat the cold
Freezing from the air-con? No problem, head to the back seats again. The warmth from the engine box beneath can serve as a warmer for your cold legs.

Top of the world
This is particularly useful for the short people out there (including myself). The last row of seats is raised on a platform which makes it quite high. Not only do you get to see everyone else in the bus, the height gives you the feeling of sitting on a king’s throne and that extra confidence boost when you need it.

Priority Seats?
At the back seats, there’s no such thing. Elderly people or pregnant women are probably too tired to walk till the back of the bus. Also, the bus would probably be moving already which makes it easy for them and everyone else to lose their balance. Most people would just fill up the seats at the front because of these reasons. Hence, you can always find a vacant seat at the back without having the need to give it up halfway. Shiok right?

Somebody to lean on (I bet you sang that in your head)
Well, not exactly somebody to lean on. Rather, something to lean on. Ever seen those rounded corners on the recent new MAN buses? Those can serve as a headrest for all you tired people out there. Also, seating in the back seats gives you like your very own lepak corner, especially comfortable when you sit with one leg over the other, with your backpack on your lap. The perfect place for a nice nap.

Don’t these reasons just make you want to rush for the back seats now? Sian, now everyone who has read this wants the back seats liao. Let the bus games begin.


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