8 realest reasons why singles should watch Descendants of the Sun


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:34 pm

Yes, we know that we’ve been going ra-ra about the show, and many of you are probably having flashbacks to when we were crazy over 我的少女時代 and the song 小幸運, but to be honest, we thought that we could have went crazy over worst things, right?

Okay, when we first heard about the show, we were like meh, Korean drama is for aunties and girls. Well, we were proven wrong. This is probably the first K-drama in history we were so excited about since…well, forever.

We’ve written about why everyone should watch this, why NSFs should watch this, and why it’s so popular. After watching 10 episodes of the drama, while I cannot claim to be an expert of the drama, I thought that this is a show that singles will definitely want to watch. Or should I say, have to watch. After all, Song Joong-ki showed us how you should go about getting the girl of your dreams.

Now, I’ll be trying hard not to give spoilers in case anyone wants to watch it, but I apologize in advance because I know I’ll give some. Sorry!

It’s better to be direct than to be indirect
If you’ve watched the show enough times, and trust me, I’ve re-watched quite a few times while waiting for the next episode to come out, you’ll realize that the male protagonist, Song Joong-ki, is shamelessly proclaiming his love. He did not hide his interest, nor did he hide his intention to be more than just friends. If you ever want to prevent yourself from falling into the dreaded friendzone, this is probably the best way to do it. Of course, it might not work as well as it does in the show. We’re not all as handsome as Song Joong-ki anyway.

Sometimes, persistence does pay off
We’ve written a lot of articles on when to move on, when to give up and how to know if you’re destined to remain in the friendzone forever. This shows present a different side of the argument, persist till you get what you want. Now, we won’t say forsake the forest for the sake of a single tree, but hey, if she’s rejected you once, or twice, or thrice, you still have the right to try again. After all, as long as she’s not married, everything’s fair in love and war, non?

A sense of humor is essential to charm her pantsocks off
Let’s face it, not all of us is as handsome as Song Joong-ki. I’ll be the first to admit that if there’s a gauge, I’ll most probably be at the other end of the spectrum. But hey, looks are just part of the package. Work on that sense of humor, and keep her interested in you. The jokes don’t have to be funny. If you’re not a funny guy, just make jokes so lame even you, yourself cringe. She’s going to pay attention to you, which is what you’re going for anyway.

Embarrassment is nothing
Remember the scene where he got stuck in a cave-in with a trapped worker, and he confessed that he has been rejected thrice? The worker asked why he isn’t embarrassed to death. That scene stuck with me after a long time because it basically asked us a very simple question: some moments of embarrassment vs getting the girl; which would you rather lose? It’s time to lose that pride, people.

She might reject you even if she likes you
Sometimes, girls reject you not because they don’t like you, but due to other reasons like your work or family members. Don’t go feeling so down if you’re rejected. It might sound corny but hey, we still have to say this: it might not be you, it’s her. But anyway, this brings us to the next point.

Stick to your guns
Honestly, many of us changed drastically for the girl we love. Then we come to regret it because we realized that’s not who or what we are. It’s normal, and most of us probably went through this once or twice in our lives. Learn from the male protagonist and stick to your guns. Offer alternatives or wait for her to come around.

Don’t broadcast the things you do for her
Yeah, it’s not going to sound great if you brag about what you do for that special someone. She’s going to think that you’re doing it because you want to get together with her. Instead, do like what he did. Do it, and wait for news of your “sacrifice” to reach her instead. Chances are, she’ll be so touched she’ll fall for you.

Appearance still plays a part
Unfortunately for those lazy singles out there, don’t be too happy when you see #3. Appearance still play a part in courtship. If you’re not handsome, go to the gym and workout for a killer bod. Dress appropriately whenever you go out, not just for special occasions. After all, we might just see the girl we like out on the streets. You don’t want to look like a hobo when you meet her for the first time, right?

Oh, and on a separate note, this article is meant for both guys and girls. I just wrote from a guy’s perspective because, well, I’m a guy.