8 reasons why food deliveries are so slow you wish you had went out to buy instead


Last Updated on 2016-06-23 , 12:27 pm

This is the one puzzling question which many do not seem to get a satisfying answer fromwhy or how does your order always take an eternity to deliver to your doorstep? Yes, even if you stay or work in the next building.

Read on to find out the truth about the journey of your food every single time before it reaches you.

The taking of orders
You’re hungry and lazy, but remember so is everyone. Not too late to know that they not only serve you but a bunch of other starving people.

Food delivery has it’s “peak” hours too, such as weekend noon and nightsso if you order during these times be prepared to do more waiting. And now with the Euro Cup going on, it’s almost like a delivery war.

The waiting game
Even after your order is taken, don’t expect the food chains or restaurants to go prepare your order immediately. If you have many weird requests, be prepared to wait for more.

This is the truth, people do what they like and whenever they feel like, especially at times when you can’t see it. They may also prepare the food by batches to save time and cost so they’ll wait for a bunch of the same orders before they start cooking.


The delivery
The riders will then consolidate and arrange the orders according to their route plans. If you’re the only person who ordered from that area, chances are he’s going to send to the areas with more orders first.

Because, maybe, it’s all about the weight. No, we’re not talking about your weight. Just think, you’ll rather get one complaint about your slow service than to have 10 people complaining about you, right?

The traffic or weather conditions
Riders are subjected to more unforeseen circumstances, such as the weather. If it rains, they’ll have to go slower. There might be accidents or jams. The deliveryman once told me that he had to go back to the restaurant to pick up a new order because he fell from the bike and messed up the food inside.

Your delivery may not be sent from the outlet nearest to your house
We may have forgotten about this when we were busy sulking over the long-awaited food that hasn’t arrived at our doorsteps: Not all fast food or pizza outlets have delivery service.


The deliveryman doesn’t go to your house first
Yes, the nearer you stay to the restaurant, the more you should know this: you’re going to be the last person in that order list to get your food.

Why? Because he’s going to go deliver to the furthest guy who ordered in that area first, and he’ll deliver to you last before he returns back to the nearby restaurant.

Depends on how responsible your deliveryman is
Sometimes, it just depends on how much sense of responsibility the deliveryman has. It’s just like there are good workers out there, but also black sheep as well. Singapore is only this small, you know what to expect as long as it’s not ridiculous.

The wait is just long when you’re eager to eat
As everyone knows, ‘”A hungry man is an angry man.”

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