8 Reasons Why Doing Things Alone is Sometimes Better than Doing in a Group

In society today, doing things alone is a stigma. What’s wrong with him? Why is he eating alone?

Let me tell you, it’s tough being being an introvert in today’s society which measures a person’s worth by the number of people he surrounds himself with.

But is being alone a really bad thing? Many of us dislike doing things alone but really, we shouldn’t.

Here are 8 reasons why doing things alone is sometimes better than doing in a group.

1. You get to be yourself

No matter how comfortable you are with your friends, you’ll never truly be yourself around a group of people. It’s not because you’re uncomfortable, you’re just considerate. For example, you feel like going for some unhealthy junk but your friend is on a diet (like me) so you decide on rabbit food instead.

2. You won’t need to prove something to others

Remember when you’ve made some bad decisions in your life? Whether it’s skipping school or doing something bad, most of the time, you did it because you had something to prove to others.

Doing things alone means you don’t have to cater to the judgement and whims of others. This also means that you’ll make decisions that are (hopefully) smarter and better.

3. You’re free to be yourself

Ever went out for a gathering and find yourself unable to be yourself? You love the silence yet every time you keep quiet and enjoy the atmosphere, your friends ask if you’re feeling alright. Then you’ll find yourself having to make small talk because you don’t want to spoil the atmosphere. There goes your great night.

4. You can eat at places within your budget

You’re flat out broke for the month, or at least as close as you could possibly be and you really do not want to spend a huge amount of your precious money left on a single meal. Your friends called for a dinner meet and chose a restaurant because, well, you’re all working adults so it shouldn’t matter, right?

If you’re alone, you’re free to go for hawker food or even maggie if you choose.

5. You get to do things at your own pace

No more do you have to rush through your things because your friend’s meeting another friend in an hour’s time. You can shop to your heart’s content, savour that last bite of steak or just sit down to rest your tired legs if you want to.

6. You learn to be alone

There will come moments when every friend you turn to is busy with their own lives, or just busy at that moment in time. Learn to be alone, practise it voluntarily and who knows, you’ll appreciate these times instead of dreading them.

7. You’ll start becoming more confident

When you start doing things by yourself, you’ll start thinking you’re awesome. You’ll start thinking, I can’t believe I did all this by myself! I’m amazing! And before you know it, other people will find you amazing too.

8. You need some alone time

We lead very hectic lives and most of the time, we’re surrounded by people whether we want it or not. We are social creatures but we do need alone time to reflect and think over our actions, our current lifestyle and our choices we’ve made.

Just like how you lose weight, you’ll need to write things down, reflect and mark out where you are currently. And that’s what we need in our life as well.

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Are we doing the right thing? Are we on the right track? Have we managed to achieve what we want to do? Or most importantly, what do you want to be in life?


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