8 Reasons Why NSmen Like ICTs & Yet Tell Everyone They Hate It


Last Updated on 2021-10-04 , 4:22 pm

SAF 100 is the acronym that some would go, “Hello no!” while some will go, “Hell, yeah!” Some see it as a hinder to their career progression, while some look at it as a respite from work.

Some just….like it just for these reasons that they most likely won’t tell anyone except to their bunkmates!

1. A break from work responsibilities
Let’s face it: in work, it’s not about the hours that you clock that makes you cringe, but the responsibilities you hold. When you’re in reservist, and anyone calls you, you’ll have the perfect reason to take a break from work for one or two weeks with this simple, yet powerful, sentence: “I’m on reservist.”

2. Meeting up with old friends
Old buddies who have chiong sua together before don’t do the standard “hey, long time no see, how’re you doing?” greeting. Instead, they’ll just go, “KNN you CB, how you, man?!” And don’t go complain about their language: it’s the army, not a school.

3. A break from personal responsibilities
Every morning, a husband might need to send his wife and kids to work and school. During reservist, he would be able to sleep in late (of course, go eat breakfast first lah). Even if there’s training early in the morning, he’ll face rifles instead of rants. Better, right?

4. Catching up on all the old YouTube videos, to-stalk ex-girlfriends and other time-consuming tasks they’ve not found time to do

Army is all about waiting, waiting and more waiting. With reservists able to bring smartphones into camp now, you’ll see more soldiers sitting on one side with their rifle and their smartphones. You can take his rifle away, but don’t you dare take his smartphone away.

5. Keeping fit for two weeks + clearing IPPT
For a desk-bound worker, two weeks of reservist means he’ll have burnt at least twice the amount of calories per day. Also, he gets to clear his annual IPPT (pass or fail, it doesn’t matter). Last but not least: one will come out fitter from reservist (or so we thought hoped)

6. Catching up on all the sleep
In the corporate world, you can’t sleep anywhere and you don’t sleep often. In reservist, you can sleep anywhere and you sleep a lot. In fact, some people said that they sleep the most for two weeks every year: during their reservist loh…

7. Feel a sense of patriotism and heroism
Wearing that uniform just show that you’re willing to defend your country, your family and your loved one. That means you’re a hero. *Cue “Training to be Soldier” song now…


8. Sausage party!!
Men’s talk. No-women world. Sometimes, having it once a year isn’t too bad, too!

To know more about serving in the SAF for your NS, watch this video to the end: