8 reasons why watching Descendants Of The Sun will make you appreciate S’pore more

If you haven’t watched the Descendants of the Sun, you are missing out on too much. Besides telling us all about the perfect man that Song Joong Ki portrays and Song Hye Kyo’s charming role as a “beauty”, the drama actually has many takeaways for us Singaporeans. After watching it, you will definitely appreciate what we now have in Singapore, as compared to the people in the drama.

No earthquakes.
This is probably the most obvious takeaway and people constantly talk about how lucky we are that Singapore will never experience any disaster like this. However, it’s only after seeing the devastation in HD action that we realise that we are indeed very lucky.

No corruption.
Complain as much as you like about the government, but we indeed do have one of the most transparent bureaucracies in the world.

No wars.
Our massive defence budget aside, we are lucky to have a government that is stable. There is no military corruption, and therefore, we enjoy peace instead of being under the shroud of a military regime.

No guns.
Simply put, our no-weapons regulation frees us from the gun incidents that plague the USA and other countries. This also means no risky trade in weapons or black  markets.

Excellent healthcare.
We are known as a growing medical hub with some of the top healthcare institutions in the world. You will never have to worry about lack of medical supplies or facilities when you need them.

Great transport system.
We are a sprawling metropolis, and that means that you can access any part of the country with ease. You don’t have to drive for hours to get to the nearest village just to get your supplies.

Basic human rights.
Human trafficking and sex trafficking are strictly banned in Singapore. This is also enforced strongly, thanks to our civil servants.

Constant supply of electricity.
You don’t have to be worried about short circuits. From small things like typing on your computers to big things like ensuring the hospital keeps patients on life support systems, you can be sure that things will work 24/7 without fail.

Tight labour market.
Yes, our economy is in a slump and we have unemployment here in Singapore as well; but there are jobs out there provided you are willing to take them up. And if you can’t, there’s plenty of resources you can utilize to increase your chances of landing a job.

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