8 Facts About Sephora That Even Sephora Fans Won’t Know Of

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American makeup giant Sephora is taking over the world by storm, and Singapore is no exception. At every major shopping district, you can find at least one Sephora outlet – from JEM in the West to Tampines 1 in the East. Long gone are the days where the flagship Ion Orchard store was the only one in town.

Right now, you might be thinking, “There’s nothing I don’t know about Sephora. I practically live and breathe makeup.”

But do you really? Here are 8 secrets you might not know about Sephora that proves it’s the reigning queen of makeup products in Singapore.

1. Some staff attend beauty training programmes at Sephora University.

Image: wearesephora.com
Image: wearesephora.com

According to the company’s website, Sephora University is “dedicated to training teams from all over the world”, and are found in three locations – Paris, Shanghai and San Francisco. Now you know why their eyeliner game is always on point.

2. Products on the lower shelves might give you a better deal.

People tend to look at things that are at their eye level because it’s convenient. And the marketing people know this. The more brands pay, the better their location in the store is. Which also means that products kept at eye level are usually priced higher. Moral of the story: don’t be lazy.

Image: giphy.com
Image: giphy.com

3. 1 in 5 makeup testers contains yeast, mould, and worst of all — faecal matter. Sephora is here to change that.

Image: beautyholicsanonymous.com
Image: beautyholicsanonymous.com

Yup, you saw that right. Faecal matter. Not to worry – Sephora stocks up on alcohol sprays which they place around the store, so make sure you use them before you leave. Don’t walk away with poop on your hands.

4. Sephora offers to glam you up for a night out.

It’s $60 for a Black cardmember and $80 for everyone else. If you’re headed to prom or a dinner & dance, it might be a good idea to book a makeover (if you don’t trust your own makeup skills, that is).

Image: popkey.co
Image: popkey.co

5. Get a refund if you change your mind about something.

Turns out Sephora has a really generous return policy – not that we’re complaining! Just remember to keep your receipt and return the unused product within 60 days.

6. You can get free samples every visit without any purchase required.

You heard that right – you don’t have to purchase anything to redeem your free take-home samples. Sephora employees don’t mind if customers request for free samples to try. That means you can choose from just about every product they carry. Even while shopping online, you can pick out three freebies with each purchase.

7. Most Sephora regulars probably already know this: Anyone can become a Sephora White member.

Image: sephora.sg
Image: sephora.sg

Best thing of all – it’s completely free with any purchase. You’ll be getting a welcome gift, such as a mini makeup kit or body wash. And after you’ve earned 250 points (or spent $250, since SGD $1 = 1 point), you will be automatically upgraded to a Black Member.

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Image: sephora.sg
Image: sephora.sg

Here’s where the good stuff begins – you’ll have access to private sales, private events and beauty workshops! Oh, and every subsequent 250 points accumulated gives you a 10% off voucher for your next purchase. Now you know why Sephora customers keep coming back.

8. Staff use something called the Color IQ, which helps you find which foundation suits you best.

Image: brandjam.it
Image: brandjam.it

The Color IQ can match your skin tone to a Pantone number that corresponds to every foundation they sell. So say goodbye to foundation disasters – you won’t be seeing them anymore.