8 Shiba Inu Dogs Put Up for Adoption in S’pore; Strict Criteria for Potential Adopters to Meet

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For all of us singletons still not having that much luck in the love life department, and have been endlessly bingeing Chinese matchmaking shows in dejection, perhaps it’s time to look somewhere else for a soulmate. 

Dog lovers will be pleased to know that a total of eight Shiba Inu dogs have been put up for adoption and are looking for new owners!

But don’t get too excited: before you dash out of your house ready to pick up a new companion, there are some things you might want to know first. 

8 Shiba Inu Dogs Put Up for Adoption in S’pore; Strict Criteria for Potential Adopters to Meet

On 9 April 2021, Voices For Animals posted an announcement about the adoption drive on Facebook. 

According to the post, all of the dogs are around at least six years old and above.

And for those of you living in HDB flats, unfortunately you’ll have to give these dogs a pass. The Shiba Inu breed is not approved by the Housing & Development Board (HDB), which means that only private housing residents can adopt the dogs. 

But that’s not all. Potential owners will be subjected to stringent assessment before they can be successful in their adoption. 

The president of Voices For Animals, Derrick Tan, provided a thorough list of 30 questions and requirements that potential adopters have to answer and adhere to respectively. 

According to Mr Tan, it is absolutely mandatory to answer all questions through a written email. Otherwise, the chance to be considered as an adopter will be forfeited. 

Mr Tan made it clear that those who do not complete the questions asked will have their email deleted straightaway. Yikes. 

He also stated that emails without an introduction will be ignored. So remember to be polite!

“I do hope those interested potential adopters do share with me an introduction of their family background.”

These questions include queries about one’s occupation, relationship status, type of residence, experience with dogs, family members, as well as scenario-based questions, such as whether one knows what to do in the event of a dog fight breaking out in a household with multiple pets. 

Intimidated yet? Some of the requirements that have to be met include paying a $300 adoption fee, bringing the whole family (including helpers, if any) to be interviewed in person as part of the selection process, and allowing home visits by volunteers to check up on the dog. 

After this first stage in which candidates will be shortlisted, they will have to go through an in-person interview, in which they will get to meet the dog of their dreams in real life. 


Not to be dramatic or anything, but this selection process is honestly comparable to a job interview. Oh, the trauma. 

If you remain undaunted by the stringent selection process ahead of you and you’re confident in your ability to give these dogs a loving home, then feel free to rise to the challenge. All the best to potential applicants!

Feature Image: Facebook (Voices For Animals)

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