8 shits that only people who have small eyes would understand

We, Asians, are known as the “ones who have small slanted eyes”. I mean, just look at the ang mohs. Their eyes are big while ours make us look like we’re perpetually sleepy. Having small eyes isn’t that bad, but there exist some people who have even smaller eyes than their asian counterparts.

Do you belong to this group? If you do, you’ll probably be able to relate to these 8 shits that only people with small eyes will understand.

A wink isn’t a wink
A wink just looks like you’re blinking. Or closing your eyes, or whatever. It doesn’t make much of a difference because no matter what, your eyes never seem to be open.

Your eyes disappear when you smile
Most common shit we have to deal with. The Malay kids will always ask “Mata mana, bro?” (Where’s your eyes, bro?). When you take selfies, you can play with the angle but when it comes to taking photos and you have to smile, your eyes disappear.

Batting your eye lashes to flirt doesn’t work
Unlike people with big eyes, batting your eye lashes when your eyes are small don’t really make a difference. It won’t occur to anyone that you are trying to flirt. Instead, you’ll look like you’ve got something in your eyes.

Smokey eye effect makes you look like Hamburglar
It’s true. You really need good makeup hacks for you to pull it off.

Rectangular glasses suck
You cannot pull off rectangular glasses. It just makes your eyes look even smaller, like a black line. And it’s only going to be worse if your face is round because then, you can’t pull of round and square-shaped glasses either.

Putting in contact lenses is disastrous
You really need to open your eyes to put in those lenses and sometimes, it’s still not enough.

Eye bags are more noticeable
Pretty true shit. Your eye bags appear bigger than your eyes itself. Especially with small eyes, the eye bags are so puffy it stands out. Literally.

Men find women with bigger eyes more attractive
Harsh and shitty, but true. It’s the same way how people find women with thicker lips more sexy. Wait, does this mean we Asian women are generally unattractive? Ladies, ask your boyfriends!

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