8 signs that you belong exclusively to your boyfriend


Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 4:30 pm

You might be casually dating now, or you have just started being serious about your relationship with him. When do you know that your heart is exclusively with your other half, and you no longer think about being with anyone else? Here are some signs that tells you (and other people around you) that you have fallen heads over heels for him, and have no eyes for anyone else!

You like his weird habits because it’s him.
If anyone else pees with the door open in front of you, you will probably get the shock of your life. Or if your family members leaves their cups unwashed, you will be really annoyed. However, you are simply just okay with him doing these things for some reason. Maybe it’s just because you love him.

You talk to him all the time, even more than to your friends.
This might just be the honeymoon phase, but nevertheless, you frequently open Whatsapp just to talk to him. Sometimes, you even forget to reply to your other friends when you get too caught up smiling at his texts.

You think about him before doing some things.
In the past, you would just go out with your guy friends for a night of drinking or clubbing. Now, you think twice about how it would make him feel, and whether you should let him know. This is not about him being controlling, but rather, about you considering his feelings because you care.

You change for the better.
If you used to be a couch potato, now, a bit of nagging from him will get you up to go jogging with him at 8am in the morning. How on earth did that happen? Anyway, you start to become a better self, whether it’s your lifestyle or personality.

You/He want your friends to know him.
Since he is that important to you, it’s natural that you will also want him to at least get along with the people you have stuck by you all the while before you met him.

You want to get to know his past/present/future.
The sure sign of a serious relationship is when you start to think about being in each other’s lives and understanding what they go through, what they want in life.

You get super-interested when he talks about his family.
Suddenly, his sister’s marriage or his mum’s new recipe seem like the most interesting thing in the world. You file away all this bits and pieces of information in the back of your mind and raise the topic again sometime later.

You compromise without thinking too much about it.
If you have always told your friends that you will never wake up before 10am because it’s such an indecent time, you might have to eat your own words now. Even 8am isn’t too high of a demand because you love to spend time with him.