8 Signs That You Need to Upgrade to a New Laptop

In a way, laptops resemble boyfriends: once the honeymoon period is over, they take way longer to respond to you, and will run out of energy fast.

But you got to give it to the maligned dudes; laptops are arguably even worse.

As time goes by, they seem to develop some chronic lag time disease: every single click takes forever to load, and they overheat when you try to run a slightly more powerful program. Like Neopets.

But wait, not every laptop fizzles up in smoke and explodes before you go, “Oh, I probably have to get a new one.”

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Well, we’ve got some tricks up our sleeves.

Without further ado, here are some questionable signs that indicate that you probably have to switch to a new laptop.

1. It feels like a dumbbell in your bag

Look, if you feel like you’re going for a 24km route march every time you take your laptop out for a walk, it’s too heavy.

I would know, because I tanked this heavy ass laptop for 2 years during my polytechnic period, and boy, my back became curved as a protractor because of that shit.

Your laptop is old when it’s getting heavy, primarily because laptops are getting lighter. Think of it as laptop evolution: as years go by, laptops become lighter.

It’s similar to our handphones: we’re no longer using this monster, right?

Image: allstream.com

Instead of being bogged down every day, you might want to upgrade your laptop to a… I don’t know… the Acer Swift 3, perhaps? It’s ultra thin and lightweight, which means that the heavy ass days are over.

Image: acer.com

That, my friend, is one laptop that goes to the gym every day and has a Gold in IPPT. Say goodbye to that deadweight and wave aloha to your new slim companion!


2. Typing feels like you’re going through a marathon

When we type, we want to feel like the Flash. Bzz, pss and a series of babadooms later, an entire page is filled.

Some ageing laptops, however, can delay the typing of keys. As a result, it could look something like this.

Image: Evernote User Forum

But hold on; it doesn’t just disrupt your work flow.

It could also ruin relationships.

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As a dude, I can personally vouch that being accused for something you didn’t intentionally do, is the worst.

Prevent that from happening by getting a new laptop. You could opt for the Switch 5, which aside from being able to be used like a tablet, also has an active stylus for you to pen down thoughts quickly.

Image: acer.com
Image: acer.com

‘Coz the new norm is writing with style, not with keyboard #goodyquote

3. You gotta squint to watch your show

While the laptop’s purpose is hugely diversified, some use it to watch shows. And let’s be honest here: we all want to watch shows on huge screens.

So if you’re a fan of viewing videos on your laptop, and practically have to squint at your 13.3″ screen every time, you might have to consider upgrading your laptop.

Like your skin, laptops’ screen get old as well, and when it starts to flicker, there could have been some hardware fault. Collagen might save your skin, but for laptops, you might as well get a new one.

Alternatively, you can also opt to get one of those plugged-in monitors.

Image: acer.com

Just look at this monster.

High refresh rate monitors, like the Acer KG 271 series, have refresh rates of 240Hz: so good that you can even spot the pimples of your favourite character.

4. It overheats every time you watch a PewDiePie video

You’ve tried a cooler. You’ve tried blasting the damn air-con at it. 15 degrees celsius, no less.

But nothing worked. Face it; your old pal’s dying. Either the cooling system is shouting for an overhaul, or you’re running Windows 10 when your laptop is optimized for Windows 95.

Either you give it a proper burial and start looking for other laptops, or you revert to Windows 95. I suggest the former.

5. The sound system’s starting to sound like an Alien transmission attempt

Sound is an integral part of any laptop system. Without a proper sound system, you might as well be using a pager.

So how do you tell whether the sound needs to go?

Well, if you hear erratic static crackles, or the audio’s starting to resemble an alien communication attempt, you know the drill.

Get a new one before the aliens come for their property.

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6. You can’t run hi-end games

If you’re an avid gamer, you would know this: the latest games all need beast specs to run.

Your 2013 laptop?

Way past its prime, mate.

Take it from a guy who tried running FIFA 17 on his own 2013 laptop, and ended up seeing loads of black bars protruding from questionable parts.

Image: Imgflip

So yeah.. you decide: your age-old laptop, or the newest games around.

Our recommendation is Acer’s Nitro 5: equipped with a Nivida GTX 1050 graphics card, it delivers exceptional gaming experience and great performance for every other thing.

Image: acer.com

Best of all? It’s easy on the wallet.

While you’re at it, why not get a monitor accompaniment?

When you game, you want to feel shiok, fast and powerful.

And I dare say that there’s nothing better than the KG 271 series to satisfy those criterias.

With models that offer refresh rates of up to 240Hz, they are going to make you feel as professional as LoL Champion Faker.

Damn, son.

7. You can’t watch the show comfortably

The thing about laptops is that they are generally pretty rigid.

Image: Product Placement Blog

And as a result, you just can’t get comfortable watching shows on your laptop.

That’s a huge no-no, if you weren’t aware, because comfort and entertainment go side by side, hand in hand. Like how your mum used to hold your little hand, you know, when crossing the road.

We recommend Acer’s Spin 5: it’s an ultra thin convertible with 4 different usage modes, which means that you can tweak it however you want.

Image: Acer
Image: Acer
Image: Acer
Image: Acer

Talk about slick. Now you can lean back and enjoy your show, no matter how you want it: handstand, headstand, Exorcist-mode, yoga or even this.

Image: mamax55100

It’s got everything covered.

But do you want to up your game and let all your BFFs watch the latest season of Stranger Things with you? Well, nothing beats a curved monitor like this.

Image: acer.com

The Acer ED273 monitor not only reduces eye strain: its rapid refresh rate entitles you to ultra-smooth viewing with faster frame rendering and lower input lag. And of course, it has been proved that a curved monitor would give you an even more “immersive” experience.

It’s like your own cinema in your house, minus the people.

8. When you feel like whacking the shit out of it every time you see it

Sometimes, you just gotta trust your instincts.

If your laptop triggers you every time your eyes land on it, it might be time to switch to a new one.

Don’t be like this guy.

Image: Giphy

That takes a toll on your arms, if you weren’t aware.

The possible reasons for turning into the Incredible Hulk: it takes ten minutes to load any program, it takes twenty minutes to start up and it freezes every thirty minutes.

And the worst? It hanged when you didn’t save your files.

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This article was first published on goodyfeed.com and is written in collaboration with Acer Singapore.

Featured Image: BossNid / Shutterstock.com