This M’sia school was shut down due to this spooky occurrence that is still unexplained

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I’m sure you have heard about the “screaming” school in Malaysia, did you not? In today’s age of science and logic, there still exist places and phenomena that cannot be explained away by conventional logic.

And one such example was reported in the Straits Times where a school in Malaysia, SMK Pengkalan Chepa 2, was closed for three days due to a case of “mass hysteria”. On the day the school was set to reopen, it was still closed to journalists because the school was deemed dangerous to enter.

Here are 8 spooky mysteries of the Malaysian school that seemed to defy common logic and science.

Weird occurrences before the school administration was forced to close the school
At first, it was suspected that it was an elaborate hoax by the students, but everything took a turn for the worst when students and teachers alike have reportedly seen paranormal creatures like the pontianak, pocong and black spectres.

More than 100 female and male students were mysteriously struck by “mass hysteria”
And that, is probably the spookiest thing of them all. It’s not one, not two, but more than a hundred. Either it’s a school wide prank with teachers, students and administrators working together, or it’s the real thing.

Pinned down by unknown force
Physical education teacher Norlelawati Ramli claimed that she was pinned down by an unknown force. She reported seeing a black spectre when she was tending to one of her female students affected by the phenomenon.

Professionals were called in to deal with the problem
A Chinese Bomoh and his team, together with several ustaz and Islamic traditional experts, were called in to help chase the spirits away, but were unable to deal with the problem.

Journalists heard screams from the school
On the day the school was slated to be reopened (17 Apr), journalists from various publications were not allowed entry into the school. Standing outside the school, these journalists, men and women of logic and science, heard horrifying screams from within the school.

A female schoolmate jumped off a flight of the stairs
She was not supposed to be in school because she was previously “possessed”, but she came anyway. She jumped off a flight of stairs at the third storey, and it was only because there was a group of boys at the bottom of the staircase who broke her fall that she did not suffer serious injuries. We think no prank is worth the possibility of death, or even injury, right?

It has spread to other schools
Following the chilling incident at SMK Pengkalan Chepa 2, SMK Pengkalan Chepa 1 reported having 5 students affected by “mass hysteria” and controlled the situation by sending the affected students home immediately. This was allegedly confirmed by a students affair head.

SMK Kemumin reported having 20 female students affected by the same phenomenon who were sent home immediately. The school’s students were gathered in the hall the next day to recite religious verses.

SMK Kubang Kerman 3 reported having eight students afflicted with “mass hysteria”.

Possible explanation by traditional medicine expert
Wiru Sankala, a renowned traditional medicine expert, said that the recent hot weather, repression of emotions and news of mass hysteria could be the cause of the spread. What do you think?