8 S’pore Laws You Might Have Broken Without You Knowing


Last Updated on 2022-09-11 , 12:02 pm

They always say Singapore is a fine City, where you’ll be fined for anything and everything you do. The thing is, most of us just agree without actually exploring the facts.

And when people ask, you realize that you have actually never been fined before and you’re not sure what is actually illegal.

Today, Goody Feed gives you 8 laws that you might have broken without knowing, and you can go start a conversation with your PR neighbor about why it’s a wrong decision to come to Singapore.

But actually, no lah: Singapore is great. It’s just that as a Singaporean, if I don’t complain, I won’t be a Singaporean. Get it?


Two is a company, three is a crowd. If you gather with your friends after 10pm, you’ve broken the law. And if you’re lucky (Or unlucky), you might have experienced having police officers checking your IC and asking you to disperse while you’re halfway through playing monopoly at your friend’s void deck.

Walking around your house naked

If you’re used to airing your privates in the privacy of your house, you need to stop now. If your neighbours had even a little glimpse of your wee wee for a split second, you will be constituting an act of indecency which is punishable by the law. It doesn’t matter that they are actually the weird one for looking into your window… with binoculars.

Adult toys and raunchy magazines

These are classified as “obscene objects” under Section 292(a), punishable by up to three months jail, fine, or both. See that adult shop in Bugis? It’s a trap set by the police to arrest members of the public who didn’t study the law properly.

Possessing Pornographic material

Online streaming is fine as you do not own the content per say, but possessing the content is against the law. So if you like that particular video that feature some Japanese stars, you better stream it every time. Save the link, whatever. Just. Don’t. Download. It.

Hooking onto unsecured Wifi-hotspots

Seriously, if your neighbor’s wifi name is “Get your own wifi you CB”, he is a true bro and you should totally give him a hug. In November 2006, A 17-year-old Singaporean teenager was charged for hopping onto his neighbour’s wireless internet connection and faced charges punishable by up to three years imprisonment and fine under the Computer Misuse Act.

He was sentenced to 18-month probation and 80-hour of community service.

Oh, by the way, we take back the part about hugging, because…

Hugging without consent is illegal

Come on, did you explicitly ask for permission last time you hugged, or did you just spread your arms and embraced the person? You didn’t ask!? HOW DARE YOU! You just committed outrage of modesty! Call the police now!

Not flushing the toilet

We thought it’s basic manners but apparently some people don’t do it, and Ah Gong decides to take over. You can be fined up to $500 and/or even risk caning if you forget to flush, so ya, do yourself and favor and do others a favour by making sure you flush every single time okay? If not people are going to start Stomping you soon.

Just imagine, now you cannot sleep on train, next time these people will bring their phones into toilet and take peekture of you.


Seems like the only safe place to smoke is in your house. Because God knows how long the list of smoking forbidden places is as of now. We stopped paying attention after the 50th line.


I won’t be surprised that in 2030, there’s just a small yellow box in the entire island.

But if you’re determined to quit, you might want to watch this video to the end:

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