8 Things Every Poly Student Should Know Before Getting A Part-Time Job


If you’re a student and you’re considering if you should take up a part-time job, we’re here to give you some insights.

Personally, I’ve worked throughout my entire poly journey and while there were days where I was simply exhausted, I wouldn’t have lived my life any other way.

So here are some things that every student should know before venturing into working part-time.

1. It’s not as fun as it may seem

Image: az616578.vo.msecnd.net
Image: az616578.vo.msecnd.net

It might seem like fun, especially when you see your friends posting photos of them at work on Instagram. Don’t be deceived. For a period of time, it will be fun.

But once the novelty wears off, there will be loads of time that you will dread going to work. You’ll start dreaming of the days where you did absolutely nothing.

2. Juggling your projects and work can take a toll on you

With so many projects that you’ll have, trying to juggle work as well will not be an easy feat.

Time management will be incredibly important, and you’ll understand this when you have a report due the next day but you’re working an evening shift.


Personal discipline is essential. You will no longer have the freedom of scheduling your projects as and when you like. And sometimes, that means sacrificing your rest days.

3. It is a commitment to take up a job

Image: hubspot.net
Image: hubspot.net

Before you start a part-time job, really think carefully first. If you’re unable to cope with studies or have tons of outside school activities, you might want to consider dropping that thought.

Working is a commitment that you cannot just shake off. Unless you’re incredibly sick or have a family emergency, you cannot just cancel your shift as and when you like. You wouldn’t want your boss to have a bad impression of you.

4. Find a flexible job

Image: leaderpost.com
Image: leaderpost.com

This is incredibly important. To make your life easier, do not take up jobs that require a certain amount of working hours – like 75 hours per month.

No, don’t. Always make sure that the job has friendly working hours or believe me, your life will be ten fold more stressful. Read up on our part time jobs for students to find out which jobs you should take up!

5. Always, ALWAYS make friends and not enemies

Just like how you’ll hate a certain project mate, there will be colleagues that you won’t be too fond of. But if there’s one rule: do not bitch.

As itchy as your mouth can be, don’t go bitching about your unfriendly colleague because the walls have ears. The tables can be turned anytime and you might just find yourself in the middle of a workforce politics.

6. And that includes your boss

Let’s be real, there are bosses out there that are downright horrible. And your boss might just be one of them. But from experience, just push through. The minute they deem you worthy enough – you’ve hit their expectation, they’ll treat you a whole lot better.

7. You will meet all kinds of people

Image: pinimg.com
Image: pinimg.com

You’ll meet the ones who’d suck up to your boss, the ones who are just too damn hardworking, the ones who’d take credit for your work, the ones who are plain bitches, and the ones who you know will have your back.

It is a good experience to meet all sorts of people, especially when you head into the working world where people who would trample on you just to climb up the career ladder are all prowling around.

8. The money you see in your bank at the end of the month will reaffirm the reason for working

Image: lh5.googleusercontent.com
Image: lh5.googleusercontent.com

And on days where you just feel like quitting your job, one look at the money in your bank and you’ll be motivated to continue for another month.

That’s basically how I got through working during my poly days.

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