8 Things S’poreans Dislike About the Strawberry Generation

Image: chairoi / Shutterstock.com

Let’s start with a #truestory, should we? There was a girl born in 1997 who applied for a temp job during her holidays as a promoter. On the day to interview, she called the marketing executive, telling him that she has lost her way and demanded that the poor executive go fetch her.

Well, at least she made the effort to come down for the interview, so she shouldn’t belong to the strawberry generation, right? Okay, so she went to work as a promoter.

All along, she knew it would not be in an air-conditioned area—but a few hours later, she decided she wanted to quit and just went off. Gone, just like that. And when she was confronted and fired, the company told her that they will issue a cheque to her by the end of the month (it’s already good enough that she is receiving something for just disappearing as she has shown no remorse).

But guess what? She demanded a bank transfer. She wanted it immediately (because she wanted to buy something?). She wanted it so much that she repeatedly sent SMSes to the marketing executive. She claimed that she has the rights to get the money, she claimed that a bank transfer should be very simple, she claimed that… …until the marketing executive called her, and she did not dare to pick up the phone.

Surprised that she didn’t, you know, get her parents to talk to the marketing executive? And if you think this is exaggerated, think again: this is considered extremely mild. We have encountered even worse (and because it happens in our office, we won’t want to offend anyone), and you have, too. What are the things we hate about the strawberry generation?

1. They think the world owes them anything they want
Usually, when they were young, all they need to do, when they wanted something, was to ask for it. Never once have they worked for something. If someone refuses to give them what they want, they’ll get defensive, aggressive and angry.

Their rationale for having that self-entitlement when you confront them objectively? Any silly, stupid excuse that insults your intelligence. Like, really.

2. They expect the world to agree with them
So when one hates Justin Bieber, he expects everyone to have the same mindset. If not, you’re considered an outcast, not cool and simply out of touch. In fact, if you disagree, they’ll be angry—because the world must agree with their views.

With the Internet, one can gain fame within, literally, overnight. Have you seen how some people would get super defensive when they suddenly become popular?

3. They don’t stand up for themselves
Remember the viral video of a 29-year-old guy who was abused by his superior, and eventually his parents were the one who stood up for him? No offence to anyone, but think about your life in general. Aren’t there many cases of that guy?

In other words, unless you can stand up for yourself, the reality is that people who are strong would go with this mindset: 可以吃就吃。

4. They have expectations that are just so illogical
…but to them, it is logical. Just ask any HR manager. Some strawberry generation people would just sit down and expect high pay, short working hours and tons of benefits—and their logic is that their friends have it.

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5. They argue about “rights” and “fairness” when everyone else has no such issue
Now, this is tricky because they’re just avoiding #3, right? Wrong. They’re apparently just using these as an excuse to avoid doing something difficult. For example, in NS, every male Singaporean has done it, but this strawberry generation person would just argue about human rights and fairness.

You honestly think he wants a change for the world or he just wants a change for himself?

6. They blame everyone except themselves
Self-explanatory, and many people do this, but the strawberry generation people seem to exhibit more of this trait. To them, blaming others, especially the authorities, would position themselves as a victim instead of a loser. Who wants to be a loser when you can be a victim?

7. They go for the easy solutions or just avoid the problem altogether
When they were young, they need not face any consequences—face a problem and all they need to do is to complain or cry, and their parents or the authorities will step in to help. In the real world, no one would help, and so it’s either an easy solution or avoiding it altogether.

8. Their life is all about the Internet
Games? Online. Shopping? Online. Chatting? Online. Friends? Online. Work? Online. Everything else? Online.

So, are you part of the strawberry generation?